Morris and lona Cohen

AZL flag holder TransparentMorris Cohen (July 2nd, 1910 – June 23rd, 1995) of the Kohanim line and Leontine Theresa “Lona” Cohen (January 11th, 1913 – December 23rd, 1992), also known as Peter and Helen Kroger, were Jewish Bolshevik agents principally part of the Portland Spy Ring operating in England until 1961. Bolsheviks from the 1930’s, Lona (codenamed “LESLE”) and husband Morris (codenamed “LUIS” and “VOLUNTEER”) also ran the Bolshevik Volunteer Spy network, forerunner of the Sayanim, and were seasoned couriers. Cohen was born in New York City to Jewish itinerants. His father squatted in an area near Kiev in present-day Ukraine, and his mother was born in Vilnius in present-day Lithuania. In 1937, Cohen was a Marxist volunteer in the attempted seizure of Spain with compatriot and career Bolshevik spy Amadeo Sabatini. Cohen returned to the United States in November 1938 where he began serving Soviet-Bolshevik foreign intelligence. In 1941, Cohen married Lona, an activist in the Communist Party USA, recruiting her into Bolshevik espionage in 1939. Lona Cohen had been courier to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg but the Cohen’s were quickly spirited to Mexico then to Moscow before their cover was blown later to resurface in the United Kingdom using the identities of Peter and Helen Kroger. Lona was also part of a ring of atomic spies linked to the Manhattan Project that was far more damaging than the well-known Rosenberg ring.

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