Morris and lona Cohen

AZL flag holder TransparentMorris Cohen (July 2nd, 1910 – June 23rd, 1995) of the Kohanim line and Leontine Theresa “Lona” Cohen (January 11th, 1913 – December 23rd, 1992) were Jews convicted of espionage for the Soviet construct part of the Portland Spy Ring which operated in England from the late 1950s until 1961. Cohen was born in New York City to Jewish immigrants. His father was from an area near Kiev in present-day Ukraine, and his mother was born in Vilnius in present-day Lithuania. In 1937, Cohen joined the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion and fought as a foreign national volunteer in the Spanish Civil War with compatriot Amadeo Sabatini, veteran and career Bolshevik spy. Cohen was injured and in November 1938 returned to the United States where he began serving Soviet foreign intelligence. In 1941, Cohen married Lona an activist in the Communist Party USA recruiting her into Bolshevik espionage in 1939. Lona was part of a ring of atomic spies linked to the Manhattan Project that was far more damaging than the well-known Rosenberg ring.

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