Nathan Gregory Silvermaster

Nathan Gregory Silvermaster (November 27, 1898 – October 7, 1964) was the Jewish head of a large ring of Communist spies in the United States Government. Silvermaster was born to a Jewish family in Odessa, Russia (present-day Odessa, Ukraine). He moved with his family to China, where he learned to speak perfect English with a British accent. Silvermaster emigrated to the United States where he was “stated to be a known Communist” reported to be in contact with a very large number of Communist Party USA officials, and active in a number of Communist front groups. In 1942 Silvermaster arranged a transfer from the Farm Security Administration to the Board of Economic Warfare triggering objections from military counter-intelligence who knew he was a Communist. Jewish spy Harry Dexter White, responsible for actuating Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, intervened on his behalf. Silvermaster subsequently received two promotions and pay raises. At the War Production Board, Silvermaster was able to provide the Soviet Union with a large amount of data on arms, aircraft, and shipping production. In June 1943, Silvermaster sent a War Production Board report on arms production in the United States, including bombers, pursuit planes, tanks, propelled guns, howitzers, radar and submarines, sub chasers, and the like, to Soviet intelligence. Then, in December 1944, the Soviet State Security office in New York cabled another Silvermaster report stating: “(Silvermaster) has sent us a 50-page Top Secret War Production Board report … on arms production in the U.S.”

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