Resident Spy

A resident spy is an enemy agent operating within a host land for extended periods of time and consequently the difference between a resident spy and a sleeper agent is nominal. Whatever the ‘label’ the character still maintains an active role in sedition, treason and espionage by virtue of agreeing to spy. The use of ‘resident rather than ‘sleeper’ only acts as a softener and conceals the magnitude of their crimes. Furthermore, the resident spies are further labelled ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ giving one alien criminal an air of legitimacy. A legal resident spy operates in a foreign country under official cover (such as from his country’s embassy). He is an official member of the consular staff, such as a commercial, cultural, or military attaché. He has diplomatic immunity from prosecution and cannot be arrested by the host country if suspected of espionage. An illegal resident spy operates under non-official cover. They cannot claim immunity from prosecution when arrested. They may operate under a false name and have documents purportedly establishing them as a national of the country, or from a different country than the one for which they are spying. Examples of such illegals include the Jew Rudolf Abel, who operated in the United States; and Bolshevik sleeper Konon Molody, who claimed to be Canadian, and operated in Britain. This is a typical Jewish dialectical operation in which one (the ‘legal) is used to distract or play off the other (illegal) to contain the ‘action’ within a Bolshevik fiction.

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