Solomon Adler

Solomon Adler (August 6th, 1909 — August 4th, 1994) was a Jewish Communist agent, connected to the Silvermaster Spy Ring, in both the U.S. and China during World War II later becoming an integral part of Mao’s administration. Originally squatting in Karelitz, Belarus, the Jewish Adler family moved to Leeds in 1900. Solomon Adler was born 9 years later the fifth of ten children. He worked in the Treasury Department’s Division of Monetary Research and Statistics with the Jewish Communist spy Harry Dexter White responsible for triggering Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Adler and White deliberately fostered inflation by obstructing a stabilization loan that would of helped the Chinese Nationalists control the inflation that took hold in unoccupied China during World War II. Inflation helped the Communists eventually come to power in China. Coincidentally in 1941, the same year as Pearl Harbour, Adler was posted to China, where he remained as Treasury representative until 1948. He reported from China to the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, formulator of the Morgenthau Plan to instigate the greatest devastation against the ethnic German people. From 1939 Adler was a know Communist spy; a member of an underground Communist group in Washington, DC, supplying weekly reports to the Communist Party of the United States. In 1945 Adler was identified as a member of the Silvermaster spy ring. In addition to his contacts with US espionage groups, while he was serving as Treasury attache in China in 1944, Adler shared a house with Chinese Communist agent Chi Ch’ao-ting. Nevertheless, it was not until 1949 that his loyalty to the United States was questioned and before a case could be made he fled to England to teach at Cambridge University base of the Cambridge spy ring. Adler moved to China in the early 1960’s to work for China’s International Liaison Department, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party whose functions include spying.

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