Ursula Kuczynski

Ursula Kuczynski (15th May 1907 – 7th July 2000), the sister of Jewish Bolshevik spy Jürgen Kuczynski and also known as Ruth Werner, Ursula Beurton and Ursula Hamburger, was a Jewish Communist and Bolshevik spy infamously known as the chief handler of Klaus Fuchs. Ursula Maria Kuczynski was born in Schoneberg, Prussia, German Empire, the second of the six children born to a Jewish family. Her elder brother was Jürgen Kuczynski also a Bolshevik spy a responsible for advance the Jewish invention of ‘War Crimes’ post WWII. In the year 1924, Ursula Kuczynski joined the Marxist Free Employees league (AfA-Bund), the Young Communists (KJVD) and Germany’s Red Aid (Rote Hilfe). By May 1926, the month of her nineteenth birthday, she had joined the Communist Party of Germany. In 1929 the married fellow Communist Party member Rudolf Hamburger and between August 1929 and June 1930 set up and headed the Marxist Workers’ Library (MAB) in Berlin. In 1930 Kuczynski and her husband relocated to Shanghai; remaining there until 1935 to operate a Bolshevik spy ring. Now holding the rank of colonel in the Soviet military, in 1937 Kuczynski was awarded the Order of the Red Banner by the Bolsheik authorities for her espionage work in China. Later between Autumn 1938 and December 1940 she was posted to Switzerland with her husband where as one of the so-called “red three”, together with Sándor Radó worked as specialist radio operator to code information and send to Moscow. Kuczynski was also involved in recruiting Communist agents to be infiltrated into Germany and in the Autumn of 1939 she set up preponderantly Communist Partisan groups to terrorise the German city of Danzig. She relocated from Switzerland to England in late 1940 close to the UK’s Atomic Research Centre at Harwell, and to Blenheim Palace, where a large part of the British Intelligence service had been relocated at the start of WWII. Here Kuczynski worked on infiltrating Communists into the US Intelligence Service (OSS) ensuring that a substantial number of the OSS agents parachuted in Germany would be reliable (Jewish) communists advancing the Jewish ideology. From 1943 she also worked as a courier for the Bolshevik “Atomic spies” specifically Klaus Fuchs thus hastening the development of the Soviet atomic bomb. Kuczynski was also able to pass to her Bolshevik employers information from her brother, her father, and other Jews in England. It was, indeed, her brother Jürgen Kuczynski, also a Jewish Bolshevik spy, who originally recruited Klaus Fuchs to spy for the Soviets at the end of 1942. Following WWII The Communist Party of Germany mergedwith the East German elements of the old German Social Democratic Party (SPD), to form the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) On her arrival in East Berlin Beurton lost little time in resigning from the Bolshvik Armed Forces (GRU) and joining the SED re-emerging six years later with a new life as an author. Her autobiography appeared in East Germany under the title “Sonjas Rapport” (Sonya’s Report) and became a bestseller. In 1982, now under the pseudonym Ruth Werner, Kuczynski became a member of the East German affiliate of PEN International, a worldwide association of writers only confirming how contrived the democratic landscape is. Never more so with the collapse of the Berlin Wall to which Kuczynski addressed as her faith in Communism (Marxism) with a ‘human’ face; or more to the point Communism morphing into Cultural Marxism (Political Correctness).

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