Peter Hayman

AZL flag holder TransparentSir Peter Telford Hayman KCMG CVO MBE (14th June 1914 – 9th April 1992) was a paedophilic British diplomat, intelligence operative and deputy director of MI6. In 1981, Hayman was named in the House of Commons as a paedophile by Geoffrey Dickens MP. In October 1978 Hayman’s flat at 95 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill Gate London to which his official PIE literature and graphic correspondence with fellow paedophiles was sent was revealed. Rented under the name of Peter Henderson, the flat was also almost across the road from the Bolshevik embassy giving Hayman plenty of opportunity to act as a double agent. 1981, using parliamentary privilege, MP Geoffrey Dickens asked why Hayman had not been prosecuted, with Dickens saying: “How did such a potential blackmail risk come to hold highly sensitive posts at the MOD and NATO?” In 1984, Hayman was convicted for an act of gross indecency in a public lavatory though it does not state the age of the child involved. On 30th January 2015, it was revealed that a file was found in the National Archives titled “SECURITY. Sir Peter Hayman: allegations against former public official of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects”. One document within the file relates to the briefing given to ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher concerning Hayman’s perverted urges relating to children. Another document stated that Hayman was vulnerable to blackmail by foreign powers because of his “sexual perversion”.

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