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The Curious Events Surrounding the Sidney Street Siege

From the 1880’s onwards British police were investigating subversive political activity specifically involving Jewish itinerants previously squatting in Poland and Russia. Mainstream has already admitted that the most vicious modern serial killer the Jew Aaron Kosminski AKA ‘Jack the Ripper’ likely arrived in London with his family during the Russian riots that broke out in response to Jewish terrorist activity in the early 1880’s culminating in the murder of a European monarch Tsars Alexander II. Significant international media control enabled the Jewish tribe to use their favourite cry of victimhood effectively (The fabricated Pogrom). Thus a new wave of Jews was dispersed far and wide re-infecting some of the most powerful European countries on earth with their now ideologically revised poisonous designs; amongst the immigrants leaving Eastern Europe for Britain such violent terrorist types were contained amongst them. Indeed close to Mitre Square in the City of London where the Ripper’s fourth victim Catharine Eddowes was murdered the Great Synagogue and the Imperial Club both just off Duke Street were both potential meeting places for these Jewish Communist agitators. The Hebrew Socialist Union had been formed in Gun Street; Spitalfields in 1876 and in 1889, following a march from Berner Street to the Great Synagogue, a riot would take place outside the International Workers’ Educational Club near where the Ripper’s third victim Elizabeth Stride’s body was found. Committed Jewish Communist Louis Diemschutz, a deceitful ‘witness’ to the Elizabeth Stride murder, was listed as speaking at a club in Manchester in 1891 on the theme of the Paris Commune, which was the first attempted Marxist seizure of a European land. He, along with the Jew Isaac Kozebrodsky also witness to the murder scene, were arrested in March 1889 during the riot at the International Working Men’s Club and charged with assaulting a police officer. Diemschutz was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment with hard labour, a £40 fine (around £15,000 in today’s money) and producing two sureties of £20 each, to be forfeited if he failed to be of good behaviour for twelve months; a rather substantial cost for a supposed ‘poor Jewish immigrant’.

Britain’s First Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli still had his seat in 1880 and his own policy on race condoned this influx of violent Jewish criminality that equally brought the monster Kosminski into Britain. In his book Endymion published in 1880 Disraeli wrote “no man will treat with indifference the principles of race. It is the key to history and why history is so often confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves…Language and religion do not make a race-there is only one thing which makes a race, and that is blood” Disraeli (1804 – 1881) was contemporary with the Jew Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) and both times as Prime Minister (1868, 1874–80) shared the same city as the inventor of White man’s destruction (Communism). However, curiously this is not the first time this tribal pair’s path has crossed. The Great Potato Famine began in Ireland in 1845 coinciding with Karl Marx’s brief visit to England 4 years before his permanent residency in 1849. 11 years later Marx would echo his comrade twice the future Prime Minister of Britain, Disraeli, then MP for Shrewsbury as he collapsed the British government in order to sabotage the only remedy to the Irish potato famine. Almost as if instructed as part of some long term strategy by Marx, two years later in 1847 the earliest safe seat in the House of Commons was made available to a fellow tribesman knowing he was barred from sitting in the chamber. At this time non-Christians were not permitted to sit in Parliament. It is conspicuous that it was so called ‘converted’ Jew Disraeli who spoke in favour of amending the law to permit Jews. With the exception of Disraeli, every member of the future protectionist cabinet then in government voted against the measure. Nevertheless, following this elaborately engineered Marxian scheme in 1847 that forced the British establishment to display apparent ‘anti-Semitism’, a Jewish Disabilities Bill continued to be pushed through Parliament and on 26th July 1858, Lionel de Rothschild took his seat as the first professing alien parasitic Member of Parliament in line with the Jewish agenda. Fundamentally this can be explained through the Jewish strategy of the dialectic (problem, reaction, solution). Their tribe instigate a problem by letting a safe seat in Parliament to one barred from sitting. This creates a reaction, cries of anti-Semitism leading to the Jewish Disabilities Bill pushed through Parliament resulting in the Jewish solution the Jew Lionel de Rothschild taking his seat. This strategy is also at work during the potato famine.

To reiterate at this point at a critical juncture in European history there are 3 major Jews together in the most important capital in the world and within the space of a mere two years two of the most disastrous decisions ever in British history have been made.  The loss of containment of a cancerous virus-the Jew is allowed to enter the halls of power-Parliament coursing pandemic across all European nations around the world leading to total Aryan subjugation; and the precursor to the Holodomor, the Irish Potato Famine that created a chasm between brethren so wide that it has existed for over 170 years. Of course this only echoes what Jews have done in other European counties. Examples are Basques set against Spanish, Russians against Ukrainians, Polish against Germans… Under the guidance of Marx, Disraeli and Rothschild’s manoeuvring the result is Jewish consolidation of power in, at that time the most formidable country on earth-Great Britain.

By early 1886 the anti-Home Rule (Ireland) Liberals had formed a ‘Committee for the Preservation of the Union’ (United Kingdom of Great Britain). This was soon joined by a smaller radical faction led by Joseph Chamberlain eventually breaking from Gladstone’s Liberal Party to form the Liberal Unionist Party. A coalition of the Conservative and Liberal Unionist parties took power in the United Kingdom following the general election of 1895. The Conservative leader, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury, took office as Prime Minister, and Arthur Balfour, was leader of the Commons. It is critical to recognise and no doubt surprising to some to hear that firearms were commonplace among the British people during this period and the government did not interfere. Prime Minister Lord Salisbury even stated in 1900 that he would “laud the day when there was a rifle in every cottage in England”. However, in only 2 years; 1902 the same year that Lenin along with Trotsky made their first visit to London and the first Zionist leader Theodor Herzl was in the capital, Salisbury had resigned to be succeeded by the infamous Balfour with the approval of the coalition government. Herzl would have multiple meetings with Nathanial Mayer ‘Lord’ Rothschild between 1902 and 1903. By 1903, the year Lenin paid his second visit, Britain had passed its first ever “gun control” law running parallel with current Jewish gun restrictions being enforced in America. Also at this time Winston Churchill alienated the Conservative Party by criticising the principles of Protectionism and military expenditure achieving a vote of no confidence from his Party on 23rd December 1903. The year before in 1902, he had been initiated into Freemasonry at Studholme Lodge, London (#1591) and raised to the Third Degree on 25th March. Although he continued to sit for Oldham until the next general election Churchill chose a critical moment to cross the floor to the Liberal Party. At the end of March 1904 just weeks prior to his departure the Conservatives had brought the Aliens Bill, the purpose of which was to curb Jewish immigration from East Europe, before the House of Commons. Promptly Churchill became an ardent opponent of the Bill busily wooing the electors of north-west Manchester, one-third of whose voters were Jewish, for whom he became Liberal MP in 1906, the year in which the Liberal party won a spectacular General Election victory. He was even accused in the press of acting under orders from Lord Rothschild, though he characterized the charge as a “foul slander”. Nevertheless, Churchill and a few allies continued to stonewall the bill. It was also incredibly convenient that in 1902 and 3 it was Theodor Herzl, Jewish Zionist and organiser of the World Zionist Organization of which the minutes are said to be the Protocols, who was invited to give evidence before the British Royal Commission on Alien (specifically Jewish) Immigration. Only a year later in 1904 during one of his electoral campaigns Balfour conferred with Chaim Weizmann, a leader among Jewish Zionists in Britain, who had recently taken a position as a chemistry lecturer in the area of Balfour’s Manchester constituency. Occurring in the same year that Churchill crossed the floor and became an ardent opponent of the Aliens Bill, vital is the fact that both these characters played a key role in the establishment of Israel. Meanwhile top Jewish Bolsheviks including Lenin and Trotsky have been meeting in London over the 3 years prior to the first attempted seizure of Russia in 1905. Balfour was Prime Minister until his resignation in December 1905 thus overseeing the Russo-Japanese War and playing host to the Jewish Bolshevik instigators of the first attempted seizure of Russia. Critically the Jewish anarchists involved in the attempted first violent seizure of Russia who escaped to England in 1905 were also the instigators of the Sidney Street Siege and a series of violent crimes involving several murders that preceded it, dealt with shortly in this article. Hence, as a consequence of Jewish political propaganda in the 1880’s Britain had an increasing influx of violent politically motivated alien parasites condoned by a strategically placed Jewish Prime Minister Disraeli who had twice cross paths with Karl Marx. Within years MP Churchill was accused in the press of acting under orders from Lord Rothschild as Prime Minister Balfour conferred with leading Jewish Zionist in Britain Chaim Weizmann and played host to the Jewish Bolshevik instigators of the first attempted seizure of Russia. Already in 1905 an examination of the British leadership was sharply indicating corruption and enemy infiltration.

The Aliens Act had been introduced by July 24th 1905. It ensured that leave to land could be withheld if the immigrant was judged to be ‘undesirable’ by falling into one of four categories: ‘a) if he cannot show that he has in his possession … the means of decently supporting himself and his dependents …’; ‘b) if he is a lunatic or an idiot or owing to any disease of infirmity liable to become a charge upon the public rates …’; c) ‘if he has been sentenced in a foreign country for a crime, not being an offence of a political character …’; or ‘d) if an expulsion order under this act has [already] been made’. What is highly significant is that racially driven ‘political’ intrigue against a former European government is not considered criminally damaging enough to restrict access into this land demonstrating that the interests of the British public are not being prioritised. Indeed there is clear evidence of National interests being relegated to pave the way for future global Jewish interests. Consequently even with the adoption of the Aliens Act the subversive political atmosphere remained. Although a bit late in the game this was acknowledged 34 years later on “January 13th, 1939 when Mr. Dummett, the Bow Street Magistrate, said in Court: “This system by which Jews get sailors to smuggle them into this country, and then refuse to give the name of the ship or men who got them here, is a grave breach of the Aliens Act.” Mr. Metcalfe, the Old Street Magistrate, expressed himself on the subject in even stronger terms. “Most of the stipendiary magistrates know that the so-called aliens are Jewish criminals of the lowest and shiftiest type or, at the best, rapacious political nuisances.”

Ramsay MacDonald played host to Lenin in the run up to the Tottenham outrage (1907). He would become the first Labour Prime Minister in the shadow of scandal implicating him in Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy. The 1924 scandal surrounded a document in letter form written by the Jew Zinoviev encouraging agitation “in the armed forces (including a loan to the Bolshevik government)”. Also during Lenin’s fourth and fifth visits to London in 1907 and 8 Trotsky, Stalin and other leading Bolshevik terrorists attended a congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in an East London church. The Tottenham Outrage is the name given to an armed robbery and double murder which took place in Tottenham, Middlesex and Walthamstow, Essex, on January 23rd 1909, carried out by two Jewish anarchists, Paul Helfeld and Jacob Lepidus (sometimes spelt Lapidus). It is interesting to note that this occurred in the same year as the founding of MI1 through to MI19 the precursor to the well-known MI5 and MI6. Curiously its prime agent was the Jew Shlomo Rosenblum alias Sidney Reilly inserted as crucially Jewish anarchists plan to steal wages from Schnurmann’s Rubber Company in Chestnut Road Tottenham. The proceeds of this criminal activity were to be used to fuel unrest around Europe. In fact it was known that many of these Jewish protagonists had already received heavy sentences for this same criminal behaviour in other European countries. Situated in the shadow of Tottenham Police Station shots fired during the attempted robbery were heard by Constables Tyler and Newman. In their attempts to escape the two Jewish anarchists began a chase and shooting spree that resulted in two deaths – a brave unarmed pursuing police officer William Tyler and an innocent 10 year old baker’s delivery boy named Ralph Joscelyne. In all there were 25 casualties including massive head trauma and paralysis due to gunshot wounds demonstrating the escaping Jewish anarchist’s contempt for the innocent European public. The whole incident lasted more than two hours, covered a distance of six miles with an estimated 400 rounds fired by Helfeld and Lepidus. Inconveniently despite a restriction in public gun ownership it was partly due to an armed public that the violence was brought to an ‘early’ close. Consequently there is a direct correlation between Jewish Zio-Marxist street violence and occupied politicians need for public gun control; without means to defend himself against the criminal element the occupying Jew has a new way to exterminate the European. It was reported that both Jewish anarchists shot themselves, Lepidus successfully Helfeld later dying in hospital, rather than risk capture. However, given the extraordinary measures now taken to strip the European public of any means to defend themselves against the enemy, it is hard to imagine the Jew actually taking its own life. Constable Tyler was publicly buried on January 29th in Abney Park Cemetery with the route of the murdered policeman’s funeral cortège being lined by a crowd of half a million people. The event led to the creation of the King’s Police Medal, to reward the gallantry of the police officers involved and heightened public awareness of the Jewish problem; simultaneously increasing a hatred for this criminal race who would later ignite the 1911 Sidney Street Siege.

On December 16th 1910, members of the same Jewish gang including Yakov Peters, George Gardstein, Fritz Svaars, and Yourka Dubof attempted to break into the rear of Henry Harris’s jeweller’s shop in Houndsditch resulting in the murder of 3 police officers and injury to 2 others. The Daily Telegraph reported: “Some two or three weeks ago this particular house in Exchange Buildings was rented and there went to live there two men and a woman. They were little known by neighbours, and kept very quiet, as if, indeed, to escape observation. They are said to have been foreigners in appearance, and the whole neighbourhood of Houndsditch containing a great number of aliens, and removal being not infrequent, the arrival of this new household created no comment. The police, however, evidently had some cause to suspect their intentions. The neighbourhood is always well patrolled.”

An intense search for the murderers followed and a number of the gang or their associates were soon arrested including Karl Hoffman, Max Smoller, John Rosen, Sara Trassjonsky and Gardstein’s mistress Nina Vassilleva. When arrested the Jewess Trassjonsky was hastily burning incriminating documentation. Perhaps relating to other gang members the papers in question may have had links to official channels. She was questioned at the City Police headquarters in Old Jewry, off Cheapside though no significant information could be gotten from her. On January 2nd 1911 The Metropolitan Police received information that two more of the Gardstein gang were sheltering in the Jewess Betsy Gershon‘s flat at 100 Sidney Street, Stepney. The combined force of Met and City Police cordoned off the area and evacuated other residents. What is highly significant at this point is Winston Churchill’s massive over reaction in sending 200 police to surround the building, 800 Scots Guards and field artillery (cannon). The then unpopular Home Secretary made an appearance in person at the scene with audible booing from the gathering crowd as fire took hold of the building. The reason for the appearance of such an authoritative politician has yet to be explained although much palaver was created out of his being shot through the hat; a typical media distraction technique and frequently dismissed by historians who suggest that the bullets passed no were near the Home Secretary. Although the Fire Brigade arrived promptly they were forbidden by Churchill to extinguish the blaze which generally guarantees erasure of forensic evidence. Two bodies were discovered inside the burnt-out building. later identified as Fritz Svaars and William Sokolow. Churchill then appeared at the inquest held that January into the deaths at Houndsditch and Sidney Street. Here curiously, even though fire had meant it unlikely that forensic evidence was possible, it took the jury only fifteen minutes to reach the conclusion that the two bodies located were those of Svaars and Sokoloff, and that the police officers were murdered by Gardstein (now dead) and his gang in  the course of a mere burglary attempt.

Although information the police received mentioned only two gang members at the Sidney Street residence and correspondingly two bodies were discovered inside the burnt-out house at this point a police hunt is activated for what we would suggest is a fictional third member of the gang named Peter Piaktow. Portrayed as a mystery ‘revelations’ about his identity are rife only lending the figure to Jewish Marxist misdirection as happened in 1960 when the criminal activities committed by these Jewish anarchists in the winter of 1910-11 were glorified in a movie. ‘Peter Piaktow’ was used as the central character in the film ‘The Siege of Sidney Street’ and the script has him escape providing the media with an ‘excuse’ to ignore facts. Thus in a similar fashion to the ‘Jack the Ripper’ saga were the public are distracted from the true Jewish murderers Aaron Kosminski and his Jewish helper George Chapman by various ‘red herrings’, one of them being the possibility that a member of the Royal family was the killer, there are several myths concentrating on ‘Peter the Painter’. Nevertheless, the trial of the Houndsditch murders opened at the Old Bailey on May 1st with Yakov Peters, a member of the British Labour Party and Yourka Dubof, who both took part in the 1905 attempted Jewish seizure of Russia, charged with murder. Yet James Melville barrister in the 1911 trial successfully defended both anarchists, also critical to note he would become a minister in Ramsay MacDonald’s 1929 Labour Government. According to the author Donald Rumbelow Peters was guilty but the prosecution’s case was a shambles. This was somewhat curious court work considering the number of ‘anarchists’ that his father, William Melville, had apprehended, and his father’s key emergent role in counter-intelligence. Clearly there is weight to the allegation that Melville Sr. was implemented to lift suspicion from Jewish Bolshevik anarchists. Indeed it was Melville Sr. who recruited the Jew Shlomo Rosenblum (Sidney Reilly) supported by Winston Churchill who advocated Reilly’s recruitment into MI6 even though it was known that he prostituted his ‘talents’ to other powers. There is also speculation that Reilly was a Bolshevik agent; his disappearance in Russia in 1925 only deepened these suspicions. That Melville Sr. was also to engage the Jewish trickster and locksmith Houdini around the same time period as Reilly suggests a tribal recruitment drive by the security services. Therefore, British security was heavily infiltrated and thus compromised from the very beginning. Peters escaped justice to return to Russia where he became deputy head of the Cheka secret police. He married May Freeman, the daughter of a Jewish banker in 1913. In December, 1917, Lenin appointed Felix Dzerzhinsky as Commissar for Internal Affairs and head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage (Cheka). Soon afterwards Dzerzhinsky appointed Peters as his deputy. An American diplomat testified to Congress that Peters was, along with other Cheka leaders considered the “most blood-thirsty monster in Russia” almost as notorious as Dzerzhinsky himself. This only confirms complicity with the Jewish agenda in the British Government at a high level.

The dramatic Siege of Sidney Street was the opening to a series of highly politicised events. In that same year, September 1911, the Jew Mordecai Bogrov murdered the Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin and only months later Lenin embarked on his final visit to London. In all he visited England 6 times writing his first letter to the Director of the British Museum, dated April 22nd 1902, requesting permission to study in the Library. It bears the signature Jacob Richter; the pseudonym that he had adopted to throw the Tsarist police off his track. The reference required by the Museum authorities was supplied by the General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, I. H. Mitchell, but this did not satisfy the Admissions Office as Mitchell’s home address could not be found in the London street directories. Lenin wrote again enclosing another recommendation from Mitchell, who this time used the address of his union’s headquarters. On May 18th 1908 under his real name, Vladimir Oulyanoff, Lenin again wrote to the Director of the Museum requesting permission to study in the Library referring to an earlier donation of two of his books. His recommendation came from a certain J. J. Terrett, an English Social Democrat, but as in 1902 the authorities refused him admission. However, not only does this confirm that Lenin had considerable contacts among the so called socialist and Labour Unions but it also indicates that his insurgence into England was not entirely smooth. Two days later he wrote again enclosing a second reference, this time from his old friend, the manager of the Twentieth Century Press and founding member of the British Communist party, Harry Quelch. Lenin made use of the Library’s collections on only one more occasion; during his lecture-tour of 1911. The London reading of “Stolypin and Revolution took place on November 11th in the New King’s Hall, Commercial Road, Whitechapel and on the same day the Museum issued a temporary pass to Mr. Vladimir Oulianoff, making a note of his address:- 6 Oakley Square, N.W., in their Card Index of Readers. He visited several European cities to deliver his paper possibly making a stop in Liverpool during the Transport Strike.

Strike action began in Southampton on 14th June when the National Amalgamated Sailors’ and Firemen’s Union made demands for improved conditions for their members and action then spread to other ports, including Liverpool the home of the infamous New York times reporter Walter Duranty who provided the necessary obstacle that prevented the truth about the Holodomor genocides emerging. Demands were met in a few days and members returned to work, but in Liverpool the strike continued led by Tom Mann. Openly Communist and a member of the Fabian Society Mann was an early member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) formed in 1920. He supported measures being taken during 1921 in Russia and the Ukraine by the Jewish Bolsheviks (Holodomor Genocides) and published pamphlets stating such. The first Communists recruited from Britain to fight against European patriots in the 1936 Spanish civil war were named the Tom Mann Centuria led by the Jew Nat Cohen. In fact the first Marxist political group in Britain-Social Democratic Federation (SDF) – included trade unionist members Tom Mann and Eleanor Marx, Karl Marx’ youngest daughter.

The strike came to its climax on August 13th as police clashed violently with the public. In the police charges and subsequent unrest that carried on through the following night, over 350 people were injured. 3,500 British troops were stationed in the city by this time. Two days later, soldiers of the 18th Hussars opened fire on a crowd on Vauxhall Road, injuring fifteen, two fatally: John Sutcliffe and Michael Prendergast. Given the heightened tension already alive in the city Churchill’s decision to add troops, extra Police from other parts of the country and even sending a gunboat, HMS Antrim, up the Mersey with its guns facing Liverpool seems like a primer for civil war. However, this was clearly a dialectical move to create an even greater divide between the classes. Given the fact that Lenin had recently paid his last visit to Britain and was a master of the dialectic it is not hard to reason that sexually compromised Churchill had taken instruction directly from his Jewish handlers. Indeed to this day Liverpool is considered to be the most Trotskyite city in Britain. It is also critical to note that the position of the Home Secretary ensures measures be seen as acts of ‘national security’ while they actually favour the Jewish agenda. The Liverpool general transport strike, also known as the great transport workers’ strike, paralysed Liverpool commerce for most of the summer of 1911. Thus with a Marxist leadership the general trade unions had succeeded in fractionalising the whole city (rich versus poor) holding it to ransom through the use of their own working people. It is also interesting to note that although born in Liverpool and aged 27 at the time of the strike Duranty’s whereabouts is unknown at this point though later he would substantially contribute to Jewish Bolshevik propaganda.

Given Lenin’s close link with the union movement in Britain, for example his association with the General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, I. H. Mitchell, from a Jewish perspective this would warrant a piece of misdirection (in fact a smokescreen) leading directly to the fable of Hitler’s visit to Liverpool still perpetuated today through the Zio-Marxist media even though proven to be a blatant fabrication. Lenin even confirmed a connection following the national coal strike of 1912. The first national strike by coal miners in Britain it began at the end of February in Alfreton, Derbyshire and spread nationwide ending on April 6th after 37 days. Lenin stated that “since the miners’ strike the British proletariat is no longer the same. The workers have learned to fight…In Britain a change has taken place in the balance of social forces”. This only confirms that his appearance in Britain was to solicit disorder. Indeed it was well known that Lenin and his comrades were plotting to take over a European country by violent insurgency. The failed assassination attempt on the Tsar’s life by Lenin’s brother occurring on the sixth anniversary of Alexander II’s murder by Jewish Bolsheviks (1st March 1887) and the first attempted seizure of Russia in 1905 is proof of this. Therefore, while it is plain that between 1902 and 1911 Lenin and his entourage were able to hold their meetings, six in all, in England what is inconceivable is that a Government put in place to protect its people allowed it. Thus, based on the evidence provided, the only conclusion that can be reached is treachery and alien infiltration.

Furthermore, in a telegram from New York to London, dated March 22th, 1917, an MI5 agent warned “An important movement has been started here among Socialists (Jewish Bolsheviks), with a view to getting back Revolutionary Socialists into Russia … with [the] object of establishing a Republic and…promoting Socialistic Revolutions in other countries, including the United States”. Thus this same MI5 agent ordered a ship containing Trotsky to be detained when it stopped at Halifax in Canada. Trotsky was subsequently arrested with five Bolshevik terrorists and there he would have remained, had it not been for the intervention of another Jewish MI6 officer William Wiseman.

This is unmistakable evidence that the British Government allowed the Jew Trotsky back into Russia. This decision was absolutely bizarre given the fact that Britain and the rest of Europe were perfectly aware of Jewish Bolshevik policy to remain out of WWI. Also critical is that Lenin, based in Switzerland, was absent from the beginnings of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Yet in hast the German Government smuggled him back into Russia by train. Therefore, the only interests served with the return of two leading Jewish Bolshevik figures-Trotsky and Lenin is the destruction of the old European order marked by the Jewish seizure of Russia and the murder of an ancient European royal line. Indeed history always reveals that the Jew is always at the crucial point to oversee his scheme. Furthermore 3 months prior to Trotsky’s detention on the 17th December 1916 British security services executed a plot with Oswald Rayner (another possibly Jewish agent) and transvestite and likely homosexual Count Felix Yusupova to assassinate Jewish Hollywood’s favourite scapegoat Rasputin.

In a final summery during 1845 there were 3 major Jews Disraeli, Rothschild and Marx in London and within two years two of the most disastrous decisions ever in British history had been made. It is critical to note that the insertion of the Jewish parasite into Parliament has usurped European Security in favour of Jewish global interests. Also particularly significant is the fact that within a few years of Marx’ 1845 episode he writes 2 major Jewish ideological platforms-the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital and becomes a permanent resident in London. As early as 1871 Marx work is used as a formula in an attempt to seize France and by 1902-4 Prime Minister Balfour plays host to Jewish Zionist leader Theodor Herzl and shares the same city with with first and future President of Israel Chaim Weizmann and Bolshevik leaders Lenin and Trotsky, laying the seed for the Jewish Bolshevik first attempted seizure of Russia, WWI and the capture of Palestine. Following Russia’s actual seizure in 1917 it is the Jew Lenin who will enforce Marx’s Communist ideology that murdered in excess of 66 million Europeans. The foundation for this was laid when; in 1909 Melville recruited Reilly to the fledgling British Secret Service with Churchill’s support. During this period Churchill’s behaviour, whose accusation of homosexuality in 1896 was covertly settled out of court, can only be considered as suspicious with regard to his favourable Jewish political manoeuvring and bizarre presence during Jewish terrorist activity. In 2002 Jewish media through a poll voted Churchill the “Greatest Briton” later followed by a statue in Jerusalem only cementing the fact that Churchill was actually the “Greatest” Jewish shill.

Consequently, Marx’s work was the blueprint for 150 years of European destabilisation culminating in the violent Jewish occupation of Eastern Europe. Even now Marx’s work has been reconstructed for a contrived ‘collapse’ of communism in the East. Now combined with Jewish psychology or ‘Freudianism’ it is delivered across the globe as cultural Marxism or Political Correctness a key dialectical tool driving us towards total subservience under a tyrannical Jewish One World Government. Therefore, it seems only fitting to remind Europe that by constantly submitting to alien Jewish manipulation she squandered a prime opportunity to fight this future. We now face the endgame and a final reckoning. When it arises it must be grasped with both hands for there will be no reprise for Europe.

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The House of Miliband

AZL flag holder Transparent Vote Labour25 MilibandThe Miliband brothers are David Wright Miliband born 15 July 1965 and Edward Samuel Miliband, born 24 December 1969. They are apparently the sons of ‘poor’ Jewish immigrants Ralph Miliband and Marion Kozak. Both parents are in fact notorious Jewish Bolsheviks and have given the Miliband children David and Ed a great advantage in politics in Britain as it turns a blind eye to Communist criminality. Nevertheless blatant militant-ism had to be toned down in favour of implementing Marxism through stealth and giving a veneer of ‘British’ respectability to Zionist methodology. Naturally this includes the sensibilities of those closest to Ed Miliband as he “will always be open to issues that concern the British Jewish community, whether they concern issues of the treatment of Jews in Britain or issues to do with relations with Israel. He intends to lead a Labour Party that remains a true friend to Israel.”

The father Adolphe (Ralph) Miliband was a Marxist academic born in Brussels on 7th January, 1924. In 1939, aged 15, he became a member of internationalist Marxist –Zionist group Hashomer Hatzair the same Abba Kovner 6 Milliongroup that Jewish terrorist Abba Kovner, at the time 21 years of age, was an active member and leader of. These young Marxists idolised Bolshevism forced upon Russia post 1917. In fact it was on orders from Hashomer Hatzair The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeansthat terrorist Kovner and his faction Nakam planned the genocide of 6 million Europeans post WWII. Kovner was arrested aboard a British destroyer with enough poison to murder the inhabitants of four major European cities through their water supplies. Bizarrely after only a year in custody the Victor Rothschild Cambridge Spygenocidal terrorist Kovner was quietly released into Jewish Israeli hands. It is critical to note that the Jew Victor Rothschild had a leading role in the British security services (MI5) at this time.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Worker testifies to the fact that Ralph arrived in Britain with father Samuel illegally on forged papers in 1940. It is interesting to note that “On January 13th, 1939, Mr. Dummett, the Bow Street Magistrate, said in Court: “This system by which Jews get sailors to smuggle them into this country, and then refuse to give the name of the ship or men who got them here, is a grave breach of the Aliens Act.” Mr. Metcalfe, the Old Street Magistrate, expressed himself on the subject in even stronger terms. “Most of the stipendiary magistrates know that the so-called aliens are Jewish criminals of the lowest and shiftiest type or, at the best, rapacious political nuisances.” In fact London, England has much experience with Jewish subversive political activity in that during the late 1800’s a surge of Jewish Communists migrated to the East end of London from Russia and Poland. Correspondingly in the same year that Ralph arrived in Britain 25000 Jews were arrested as potential security risks. Nevertheless Miliband won a place to study at the London School of Economics (LSE) with Jewish political scientist Harold Laski well placed to tutor him and Miliband was active in a variety of communist groups and in January 1943 was elected Vice President of the LSE Students’ Union. It was Harold Laski that Ralph Miliband asked for help to join the armed forces and it is miraculous that the son of a Jewish cotton merchant (Laski) had such government favour that he could produce for another Jewish immigrant “… a letter from A.V. Alexander, the First Lord of the Admiralty” advising him “that he was pleased to hear from Laski ….and advising …to go and see a vice-admiral at the Admiralty, who would fix it up. Which he did.” Yet in sharp contrast barely 5 years previous the Sunday Express of December 4th, 1938, reported on the conditions of some British people as follows: “The Hodgsons live in a basement flat in Pimlico, S. W. They pay no rent: their coal is provided free. But that is all there is to envy about them. Because they enjoy these things for nothing, Mr. Andrew George Hodgson, aged sixty-three, and Elizabeth, his sixty year-old wife, both almost cripples, have during the past three years been compelled to live on the borderline of starvation. Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson have to keep themselves on 5 s. a week. Officially they are not in want. Rent-free people cannot qualify for the dole or public assistance.” In the same issue of the Sunday Express this story appeared “A short time ago, one wet night, after the open market had finished, I saw an ill-clad, frail old lady picking up bruised fruit, cabbage leaves, and bits of wood. I collected some bits of firewood for her and tied them up for her. She told me she had found a few bones under the butchers’ stalls. She would wash them and cook them with the cabbage for Sunday’s dinner.” Perhaps the fact that Laski’s father Nathan was prominent in destroying the Lancashire cotton trade post WWI will shed some light for the reality of democracy is “buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest”. Thus the school of international finance developed in which the Rothschild’s and other Jewish money-lenders were very able teachers. This involved ignoring one’s own economically disenfranchised in favour of placating the cheap international supplier. In fact the mentality of England developed in such a direction as to enable the Jews to fashion Britain into one of their slave colonies.

Miliband was demobilized from the Navy in January, 1946. He returned to the LSE and he obtained a First Class degree in July 1947 also in this year Miliband was awarded a Leverhulme research studentship to work full-time under Laski’s supervision on his PhD thesis. It is significant that shortly after this Laski arranged some teaching for him at Roosevelt College (now Roosevelt University) in The Communist Hollywood 10Chicago corresponding with Jewish Marxist subversive activity in various arenas. This was the early stages of Communist purges of the Hollywood film industry and on the political scene culminated in the eventual arrest and The Rosenberg Spiesconviction of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Communist Jews spying for the Jewish Bolshevik regime. Miliband wrote to a friend: “I am horrified at the atmosphere here. Papers and the radio are just full of stuff about Reds, spies, loyalty and so on. The scare is really on and the Universities from what I read… are being manhandled as much or more as any other organisation, except of course the CP and allied groups.” With his military career facilitated by Jew Harold Laski and clearance by Special Branch, Ralph Miliband was granted British citizenship in August 1948 and in June 1949 he obtained the post of Assistant Lectureship in Political Ralph Miliband & Hashomer HatzairScience at London School of Economics. Ralph Miliband died in 1994, 7 years before his son’s had made any political mark yet was buried in the same graveyard as Karl Marx suggesting that the family was marked for success before they had become known to the public. Indeed the Miliband name and Communism are synonymous.

The grandfather Samuel Miliband is said to have left Poland after the First World War, which ended in November 1918. He supposedly became a leather worker in Belgium and then returned to Poland to join the Red Army under the command of Jewish Zionist Lev The writer Maxim Gorky describes Lenin's reign of terrorDavidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) in 1920. At the time Jewish Bolsheviks were attacking Poland and the Ukraine beginning in February 1919 and it must be stressed that Miliband senior returned to the land that played host to him only to help in its Jewish Bolshevik seizure. A Russian Politician attests to this saying “Samuel, then Shimon, Miliband, a native of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, had fought under the command of Trotsky eliminating white Russians opposed to Communism.” Crucially 1919 onwards covers the Tambov massacre and the first Monks executed by the Jewish Cheka (1919)of the Holodomor genocides in the Ukraine. Bolshevik atrocities towards the ethnic Polish were also rife. Sick and wounded from Red Cross hospitals were tortured and murdered and other horrific crimes were reported on a regular basis. However, uncovering the real extent of the devastations that befell Poland during the period that the 16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 HolodomorsBolshevik terror committed the Tambov massacre and the first Holodomor in the Ukraine would reveal the true extent of Jewish subversion in Europe.

The Miliband relationship to Bolshevism deepens as long lost relative Sofia Miliband makes contact with David Miliband in Russia. It turns out that the Miliband’s great-great grandfather Abraham is the brother of Sofia’s grandfather Osip. Another supposedly ‘poor’ Jewish daughter the sole of David and Pearl Miliband, Sofia Davidovna by her own admission hero-worshipped Stalin and went to school in central Moscow, rubbing shoulders with the children of the Bolshevik elite. She studied at the same university as Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter and has met with the Sofia Davydovna MilibandBolshevik dictator becoming a code breaker for the Bolsheviks during WWII. Sofia has also had a prestigious career as a top Bolshevik academic with more than 300 published works to her name. She proclaims just as all Jews that this “Life was hard”.

Meanwhile, Marion Kozak born in Czestochowa, Poland, is a Marxist campaigner with links to subversive Communist activists. The Kozak family were wealthy citizens in the Jewish community and among the wealthiest in Poland. Before the war David Kozak, married Bracha (Anglicised Bronislawa), daughter of Isaac Szloma Landau the owner of ISZABE (Spoons and Padlocks). Bracha Kozak née Landau, was a member of the board of directors and co-owner of this factory and retained the right to dispose of personal dowry (ISZABE shares), given back to her by Kozak. Consequently the Milliband’s maternal grandmother was significantly wealthy in her own right. Kozak ran ISZABE factories in Poland, Germany and England. Bracha’s task was to Sisters Marion Kozak Miliband and Hadassah Kozakmaintain foreign contacts. Bracha and Dawid had 2 daughters Dobra born in 1934, and Hadessa (Anglicised Hedwig) born in 1937. Meanwhile, the Landau family itself was recognised as a most famous Jewish family of industrialists and had several other factories, including the largest celluloid factory called Seweryn Landau now located in Silesia.

Recently on a visit to Poland’s Foreign Minister David Miliband thanked Poles for saving the life of his mother during WWII. Yet the mother’s fantastic story cannot be corroborated as she refuses to provide evidentiary proof. Marion’s fairy-tale begins in 1941 as her family’s factory is procured by the advancing German authorities and retooled for the production of ammunition. True to form the Jewess comes equipped with her own ‘Hollywood’ blockbuster backed up by another Jew. Sigmund Rolat claims that in May Sigmund Rolat1943 he was saved from Treblinka by a German factory owner The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax“They rounded up the children left in the ghetto – about 35 of us – and we were going to be sent to Treblinka when the German director – Litt – stepped in. He lied to the German captain, saying he needed children to work in his factory because we had small hands. He saved us that day.” It is not clear whether Marion was in the group of children spared alongside Sigmund but it is thought she was. So we begin with a scene from Schindler’s List then having ‘bravely’ escaped the non-existent liquidation of the Ghetto Bracha and her daughters moved to Warsaw on illegal papers. Now using the name Mary Dobra or Marion claims to have attended a boarding school run by nuns very similar to the Sound of Music another movie and another blatant fraud. By May 1947 a transport of Jewish ‘orphans’ left Poland bound for London. It contained Bracha and her 2 daughters now called Mary (Dobra) and Hegwig (Hadessa). The international connections Bracha had through the Landau family business proved useful as she was welcomed and helped by a partner dealt with before the war.

JEWISH CHUTZPAHAll through Marion’s story only one name is sited that of Sitkowska. Suspiciously this family can only claim their title of “righteous Among the Nations” in 1995 as political correctness (cultural Marxism) swamps Europe. Ed Miliband is quite happy to continue this farce. As such he maintains that recently it has been discovered that his maternal grandfather died in a WWII German internment camp. Coincidentally this Holocaust Memorial Day in Liverpooloccurred six months before international holocaust remembrance day and naturally Miliband let this knowledge slip on radio BBC5 to boost his chances in the up and coming British elections.

Indeed election fever has brought all the senseless ‘B’ movie scripts to the forefront as The Telegraph picks up on the fantastical tale of how Ed Miliband’s aunt and grandmother survived the war. Like all Jewish propaganda such is designed in the best interest of that tribe in this case to wring the last ounce of compassion BESTPIX World Leaders Attend UN General Assemblyfrom a race falsely accused of The Morgenthau Plan (AKA The Jewish plan to rid the world of Germans.)genocide. In fact Jewish Bolshevism has been endeavouring to conceal their crime of genocide since the early 1920’s and the Miliband familial historical fiction is merely another chapter.

Before one bids the Milibands adjure it is also fascinating to note that an “Elie” Miliband, a 40-year-old “Hebrew” tailor from Warsaw (Russia) came to the United States on the S.S. Philadelphia sailing from Southampton and arriving in New York on January 28th, 1905 with a person who appears to be the Jewish terrorist known as “Leon Trotsky” traveling as ‘Irska’ Bronstein. Trotsky’s real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein and while living in London he was principal editor of the Communist magazine Iskra (The Spark) with the likes of Vladimir Lenin. It is critical to note that the travel plans of “Elie” and Bronstein occur right in the middle of the Russo-Japanese War (8th February 1904 – 5th September 1905) Already Jacob Schiff located in New York is linked to Trotsky as the financer of the seizure of Russia in 1917. He also funded the Passenger list containing Elie Miliband & Irska BronsteinJapanese against Russia. This site has secured the original travel documents for Miliband and asks the significance for his appearance in New York with Trotsky. Trotsky was arrested tried and convicted for involvement in terrorist activity surrounding the destabilisation and attempted Bolshevik seizure of Russia in 1905. 18 months later in January 1907 while on-route in to exile in Obdorsk, Siberia Trotsky escaped at Berezov and made his way to London now well established as a safe haven for those wishing to overthrow the old European social order. Here he attended the Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) with Lenin and other top Jewish Bolsheviks and anarchists. His escape is described in the essay ‘There and Back’. This is the year Trotsky worked out his theory of permanent revolution.

Thus the Miliband’s have dragged themselves up from such humble beginnings the grandchildren of wealthy Jewish industrialists. That the maternal grandfather was interned during WWII can only mean political subversion that threatened German state security. Meanwhile, the paternal grandfather joins the Bolshevik red army to help consolidated the seizure of the European land that played host to him. Similarly long lost relative Sofia Miliband became a code breaker for the Bolsheviks during WWII the outcome of which would strengthen the Jewish Marxist hold on Europe. With this heritage it is inevitable that the father Ralph should join a Marxist-Zionist movement like Hashomer Hatzair that contained active terrorist youth leaders like Abba Kovner that aspired to murder millions of ethnic Europeans and that he himself would emerge as a Marxist academic subverting the political landscape of 10 KOSHER STREETBritain. It is the spawn of this line born to hate Europe and the European that is posed against current Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron. Also the ‘poor’ child of a wealthy Jewish family this time financiers the false Conservative Cameron’s policy is political correctness (cultural Marxism). Consequently the only choice the ethnic Briton can make when he goes to the polls is Communism. Communism ushers in as part of its strategy a program to corrupt generation after generation of our young. First introduced into Hungarian schools by the Jew Bela Kun sexual bolshevism is now Labour Paedo Planmainstream and teaching children that an orgasm is like being tickled! An instruction meant to confuse helps insure that children fail to distinguish the predatory child rapist. Thus the Jewish Greville Janner rapes European children 4weapon of Communism protects sexual perversion and with the paedophile scandal unfolding rapidly we are left in no doubt that whichever Lord JannerJew occupies 10 Downing Street sexual bolshevism will remain a genocidal ingredient in the Jewish strategy. This article only scratches the surface of Miliband’s story and clearly history has been subverted in their favour since The house of Miliband treeWWII. Here the site reaches out to all our European brothers and sisters particularly our Polish brethren who know the truth and wish to correct this breach of European history. In particular the site seeks help in completing the Miliband family tree and evidence to challenging the Miliband historical farce.

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“Sorry” is not enough

AZL flag holder TransparentWe will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions. Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women PAX JUDAICAmust cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples” – Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich Budapest January 12, 1952.

Gilad Atzmon - Lets talk HolodomorHow very astute of Jewish ‘apologist’ Gilad Atzmon to recognise that after more than 70 years ethnic Europeans are sick to death of Jewish lies. Nevertheless if this is meant as some sort of ‘reconciliatory’ measure on the part of a certain section of the Jewish population it fails completely. Confession it is said is good for the soul and if the Jewish tribe truly repent they are required to expound their transgressions so that justice may be served. Yet of this there is no sign. Instead one reads what can only be described as a veiled accusation levelled against the European race as the author continues to wallow in a self-prescribed persecution complex, a barely concealed traditional Jewish lament of pain as he slaughters his way Oppenheimer The Jewish Destroyer of Worldsthrough ethnic Europeans. One can see a replay of Oppenheimer’s false pretense only one of Jewish heritage can make a spectacle of ‘remorse’ while again metaphorically transferring guilt onto White hands. What then is manifest is the Jewish tribe’s failure to accept responsibility for its crimes or perhaps the reality is another technique meant to distract White man.

Since the ‘Israelite’ Joshua levelled the walls of Jericho and his people massacred its inhabitants (Josh 6:21) the Jewish tribe has leached, plundered and sought the destruction of the White race. Initially the Jewish tribe quietly ‘immigrates’ into a host nation kind enough to take them. Once settled, the community work together to buy up an industry such as clothing, metals or manufacturing. With a monopoly the Jewish community then increase prices to crippling heights and drop the worker’s wages to slave level. The profits from each conquest buy industry after To learn who rules over youindustry. Consequently the Jewish tribe eventually have complete control of the host nation’s economy and start draining off its wealth and move it into foreign banks. Well documented evidence of this practice can be procured in researching the Jewish industrialist born in Austria Karl Wittgenstein. Initially the managing director of a steel rolling mill Wittgenstein organised a cartel between his own steel works at Kladno and the Rothschild steel works at Wittkowitz that controlled the iron and steel output of central Europe. Centred on Bohemia in the Czech lands, the Wittgenstein cartel produced over 60% of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s iron and steel and controlled its railroad and tyre industries.  Paralleling Rothschild and their insider trading following the battle of Waterloo, accusations that Wittgenstein had acquired his wealth by nefarious means were rife. Wittgenstein strenuously denies these allegations even to the point of making a public declaration that was published in the Arbeiterzeitung a notorious Communist newspaper used by Marx. Nevertheless, the vital point is evidently the allegations were continuing, widespread and the Jewish industrialist sought propaganda support from a Marxist source.  Historically once the host nation becomes wise to Jewish crime the tribe is cast out. Of course by then the damage is done and the wealth spirited away. Before his death on the 20th January 1913, Karl Wittgenstein transferred virtually all his liquid capital into American stocks and bonds, principally in the United States Steel Company thus vastly augmenting the prosperity of the nation that would bring about the defeat of Austria. There exists a The Expulsions of Jews Throughout Historylong list of White nations ruined due to Jewish subterfuge explaining why the Jewish tribe have been expelled from 109 different locations since AD250. Indeed while the Jewish tribe mingles with the host nation it conducts a propaganda exercise asserting its mild nature, so when the tribe turns on the host (revolution) it is something of a ‘surprise’.

The  is a classic example of this Jewish method. 1918 saw the forced abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm and seizure of Government by the traitors and criminals of the Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) supported by the Jewish Bolshevik Communist Party of Germany Why Did Jews Create Pornography?(KPD) who constructed the Weimar Republic. Once in place wealthy Jews were stepping over the bodies of ethnic Germans on their way to smart restaurants. A hideous reflection of the German Weimar Republic lies in the new Jewish template New York, which functions as a capital of gratuitous decadence and sordid perversion to push White European civility to the limits. No apology but a concerted effort to deconstruct White European values.

The antithesis of Ethnic European creative idealism Jewish history is chronicled in the main festivals of the tribes so called ‘religion’ which are really recollections of their massacres of white nations-Passover the slaughter of the Egyptian first born The Purim Celebration of Hatemale(Exodus 11:1-13:16), Purim victory over Purim II Promoting GenocidePersia and Chanukah a Syrian Greek slaughter Even the fake crocodile tears shed over illusionary dead Hanukkah hypocrisy Jewish supremacism and hate, against assimilationJews is an inverse celebration of butchered Europeans, a facade invented to conceal atrocities committed by Jewish Bolsheviks 16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 Holodomorsearning the Jew various monikers of liar, thief, parasite and murderer all aptly applied.

Karl Marx %22They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust%22It was the Jew Karl Marx who first advocated genocide speKarl Marx planned Holocaust for Europe's Racial Trashcifically of Europeans of Basque, Bretons, Polish, Serbian, and Scottish heritage. He suggested that they “perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. Marx produced the ideology of Communism and following the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia Lenin instituted the brutal Jewish construct named the Soviet Union.  Using Marx’s Communist ideology from the early 1920’s onwards The Nazino Gulag (Cannibal Island)this Jewish Bolshevik regime instigated appalling atrocities against ethnic Europeans driving them to cannibalism and massacring way in excess of 66 million people. However, perhaps even more critical is the nature of Communist ideology. “The object is to destroy nations by vitiating their racial integrity. It’s not by chance that the Jews, in Russia, have systematically deported hundreds of thousands of men, delivering the women, whom the men were compelled to leave behind, to males imported from other regions. They practised on a vast scale the mixture of races.”  For at least a century the Jewish tribe has used this method to destroy White nations that fall under regimes in their control. Race is momentous as it clearly defines the borders and differences between peoples, but with Jewish Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael and Morrisinfluence has become a very delicate issue. One would suggest asking those of Jewish heritage claiming solidarity with ethnic Europeans-Atzmon, Brother Nathanael and Morris-why they consider race so lightly that it is omitted from their platform.

It is also to suspicious to be a coincidence that the Great War of 1914-1918 was predicted in 1903 during a scheduled speech on the 6th Zionist Congress by Jewish Zionist Dr Nordau “Herzl knows that we stand before a tremendous upheaval of the whole world”. Merely 5 years later in 1908 the Jewish Count Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal secretly engineered an agreement between Austria and Russia to annex Bosnia Herzegovina. This sparked off the Bosnian crisis destabilising that whole region of Europe, and fracturing Europe’s delicate system of treaties directly leading to the outbreak of WWI. Furthermore the dissolution of the Bolshevik How Political Correctness Works (The Asch Experiment)regime in 1991 paralleled a massive upsurge of ‘political correctness’. Particularly conspicuous is that ‘political correctness’ is merely cultural Marxism (Communism) repackaged for a new generation. Post 1945 Jewish occupied Governments flooded Europe with the first wave of coloured immigrants and cultural Marxist propaganda was introduced to facilitate ‘race-mixing’. The core of White racial genocide lies with this undeniably Jewish ideology (Communism) created by Karl Marx and his mentor Moses Hess the philosophical father of Jewish Zionism.  This was the very ideology that the German Nation was committed to halt spread through Europe, and raises questions about a government in Britain that would ally with the murderers of ethnic Europeans.

It is also critical to note that post war it was influential Jews from America such as Eisenhower's 'Rhine Meadows' Death CampsEisenhower and Henry Morgenthau that instigated the greatest devastation against the ethnic German people.  Initially the Morgenthau Plan involved the deindustrialisation of Germany including destruction of all heavy machinery and the flooding of the Ruhr Valley Mines. Germany was to become a pastoral land with forced food rationing to reduce the standard of living of the German population to the lowest in Europe. Germany was to be divided up into 2 countries North and south Germany. Morgenthau presented this plan to the Quebec Conference of September 16th 1944. It was approved by Roosevelt, Churchill and the Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King. It is not The Morgenthau Plan (AKA The Jewish plan to rid the world of Germans.)unlike the book Germany Must Perish written by the Jew Theodore Kaufman in 1941 which also calls for the division along with the sterilization of the German Nation. This horrifyingly reflects the current murderous intentions of the so called ‘democratic’ parties in Germany. A female Exposing Genocidespokeswoman declared that Democratic Parties in Germany “contend that the German People’s desire to protect and secure the existence of the biological German people is ‘racist‘. ‘Nazi‘ ideology is backwards and if the German people lives on it will lead to more ‘fascism‘ and ‘racism‘. Therefore, the goal of the CDU and other democratic parties in Germany is to make the Ethnic German people perish at any cost and by any method”. This is a declaration of war on the ethnic European and bears a strong resemblance to the ‘ethnic cleansing’ planned for Germany post WWII. It is also fascinating to note that the only term uttered by the spokeswoman that was not a Jewish Marxist construct is the word fascist.

Prior to WWII fascism was a nationally specific (e.g. the Italian fascists, British Union of Fascists) political movement based on reference to the ‘Fasces‘, an emblem which founded the power, authority and unity of Imperial Rome. The bundle of sticks symbolises the strength of unity. Divided, they may be broken; united, they are invincible. The axe symbolises the supreme authority of the organised state, to which every faction owes allegiance.  It was the Jewish Bolsheviks who, post war, corrupted the meaning of the word implying that like Jewish Communism it is an internationalist ‘one size fits all’ phenomenon. Nationalism is organic a living entity that exist to preserve, nurture and cultivate its people’s spirit, culture and tradition. Communism is manufactured to strip people of meaning, hope and heritage.  It is also highly relevant that ‘democratic’ parties, A Stark Warning to Jews!under which Marxism chose to conceal itself, were responsible for destroying Germany’s monarchy and implementing the Jewish Weimar Republic leaving ethnic Germans starving in the streets.

Weighty evidence attests to the Jewish status as the primary enemy of the White race and substantial support suggesting the manipulation of other races for their own ends. As it stands the White race faces annihilation at the hands of a parasite Zionism T Horseusing the Trojan horse and walking among us. Yet On the horizon is forecast the “day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight and the truth will once again triumph”, and with such evidence stacked against this tribe no mere apology will ensure their redemption.

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Art, beauty and Zionism’s corruption of taste

Art is the method the artist uses to lift the spirit. Art is a spiritual relief from materialism; a need or requirement similar to that which religion attempts to provide but fails by becoming dogmatic. Spirituality is the search for the best part of us and art is the physical manifestation of this search. Remnants of this can be viewed all over Europe. For much of his time the artist resides in a place that the mass cannot perceive. Part of the work of the artist is to allow the public to glimpse into his world. The true artist fishes raw from a dimension familiar to very few. These discoveries compel him to interpret within a more inclusive realm. However, what Marxism calls ‘art’ serves only to debase, corrupt and drag down he who participates in its space.

Case in point some things are universally disgusting: all cultures and nationalities are repelled by faeces and urine. Naturally this gives Marxist the excuse to slap it on a canvas, call it ‘art’ and stick it in the galleries of Europe. All at once the exalted place of the ‘artist’ as redeemer of the Aryan spirit is ‘condemned’ as he is replaced by comedians airing the Zionist ‘Europeans’ dirty laundry.

This is England, land of Green Mountains and pleasant pastures, but the landscape is also being changed. It is very subtle at first, a palm tree appearing in a neighbouring garden. Then next-door-but-one follows suit. This might sound somewhat innocuous. After all not all garden plants are indigenous to the British Isles’. The point is though it is usual for a garden plant to blend with its environment. The palm tree is an obvious interloper, a definite foreign element. In fact it has become a rather common sight so see a dead palm tree in English Gardens precisely because they are not ‘designed’ for the British weather!

Modern architectural design has also been affected. A dangerous ‘design’ fault to have landed on the British shore is the ‘Dome’ fetish. Rather than reflecting the religion of the land, new designs have seen fit to incorporate the faith of foreign imports. As stated this was subtle to begin with, but clearly our traditional forms-ancient gothic structures are no-longer ‘the fashion’. Instead modern structures are often stark mirrored or glass-utilitarian boxes. The gradual phasing out of great gothic arches, huge towers and spires in favour of a flat box or ever more ‘inverted’ design is suggestive of the purging of Christian heritage from Britain and the invasion of an architectural atheism.

The colour palate is also out of control. Hot Pinks, Vivid Limes, and Bright Purple are not traditionally associated with Britain and Europe. Colours such as these belong on a beach in the Caribbean. Yet traditionally BLACK hackney cabs parading around as if in an eternal Caribbean Carnival… and city council vans seeking ‘gay abandon’ in shocking pink. Of course White male emasculation is clearly one reason for a Marxist inspired politically correct council to paint their vans hot pink. Another is not content with importing a replacement population; the corrupt Zionist authorities need to introduce this import’s tastes along with them, thus eradicating any remnants of a British culture or identity. This is multiculturalism at work one of the various aspects of cultural Marxism (Communism). While the illusion of Cultural Marxism (Communism) promises utopia and ‘equality’ in reality it initiates chaos and destroys difference.

Liverpool’s 2008 City of Culture was a prime example of this. Billed as the “world in one city” evidence of indigenous Scouse culture was at best ‘hidden’ or worse eradicated. The canny Scouser saw the Liver Bird, an ancient symbol of Liverpool steeped in history, replaced with a lurid yellow Japanese invention with absolutely no connection to the City. This inane monstrosity, one mans apparent response to genetic engineering, was to be Liverpool’s new Global logo. The indigenous people of Liverpool have never been asked if they wanted their identity replaced by Japanese mass produced ‘plastic’. Never the less multicoloured reproductions of this freakish foreign import clutter OUR City. 

2008 was also the year that the Liverpool Metro Newspaper ran an “alternative A to Z of Merseyside entitled A Great City with Culture to spare. No doubt this was to coincide with the “City of Culture” farce. This article featured a letter I for “in a parallel universe”. In this nightmare vision Liverpool’s dock region is barely recognisable. A lumpy mirrored ball called “The Cloud” but looking in reality far more like a crumpled crisp packet dominates the scene. In the passage that accompanies the picture we are told that Japanese-designed domed structures will house a Caribbean beach! Yes this is apparently a “parallel universe”. However, it was planned and designed, think about those palm trees. How long before we do see Caribbean beaches encroaching on our ‘pleasant pastures’. The Zionist does not like European culture and is seeking to destroy the Britain and Europe that we know by infecting it with foreign and Marxist influences. By stealth what the White man fails to see is the lowering of his standards of taste and decency. Only reflect on the rampant paedophilia displayed within the Labour Party http://labour25.com/ and consider if these are the ‘leaders’ that should be legislating over your children.

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The Khazar Con

The Khazar theory argues that Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of the Khazars a multi-ethnic collection of peoples who allegedly ‘converted’ to Judaism in the 8th-9th century AD. It is then claimed that it was these ‘Jewish converts’ that migrated into what is now Russia, Eastern Europe and later Northern and Western Europe. It is critical to highlight however, that the primary exponents of this theory are Jewish from the earliest alleged reference to a connection between Khazars and Ashkenazic Jews to Benjamin Freedman in a speech given before an audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C and Jewish Communist Arthur Koestler in The Thirteenth Tribe first published in Britain in 1976.

Initially the Khazars were believed to be a semi-nomadic people of mostly Turkic decent dominating the Asian steppe and the North Caucasus between the 5th and 10th centuries.  In the 7th century, they founded an independent Khaganate in the Northern Caucasus called Khazaria. This occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The general theme of Koestler’s book is this trading empire that existed between the expanding power blocs of Christianity and Islam. He suggests that speculation exists about the origin of the word ‘Khazar’ and indicates that the Khazar was never ethnically homogenous but made up of tribes from various racial backgrounds, as steppe peoples traditionally absorbed those they conquered. Koestler also highlights modern ‘deviations’ for example the German Ketzer –heretic referring to the Jew thus inserting ‘reasonable’ doubt perhaps to add weight to his theory. Nevertheless, the term is most likely tied to the Turkic verb form meaning “wandering” and likely derived from the Turkic gaz-, meaning ‘to wander’ or ‘flee.’ Initially Tengri shamanists, between the 8th or 9th century under the instruction of the Khazarian King, Koestler asserts that the Khaganate adopted Judaism as the state religion. However, Koestler’s source for the ‘conversion’ are to be found in a work by the Hungarian Marxist historian, Dr Antal Bartha, supported by an article in the 1973 variant of Encyclopaedia Judaica and the curious choice of a comment from a Muslim envoy a staunch enemy of the Jew. Indeed a 2013 critique argued that “A careful examination of the sources shows that some of them are pseudepigraphic, and the rest are of questionable reliability.

The majority of the book is padded with an attempt at historical context but when the flimsiness of Koestler’s sources are revealed it is hard to judge fact from whimsical fantasy. In particular on matters of ethnicity it is clear that he desires to undermine European racial homogeneity thus providing the mixed race Jew with a greater status. Indeed in places Koestler’s writing seems to applaud the Khazars for their apparent ‘services’ to Europe remembering that his thesis makes them Jewish if only ‘converts’ and in keeping with Jewish chutzpah he cannot help infusing some self-congratulation. Nevertheless, producing a ‘pseudo-Jew’ does provide a suitable scapegoat onto which one can deflect ones crimes. In fact the so called ‘good Jew’ Benjamin Freedman laid the groundwork for this defence (33 mins) during his 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. However, the concept falls apart when one considers the extraordinary amount of evidence proving that the Jew has been a problem throughout gentile specifically European history well before the so-called ‘Khazar conversion’.

The vulgar Talmud written in 70 AD is a testament to the contempt that the Jew holds for the gentile and in its own words “To communicate to a Goy anything about our religious relations would be equal to killing all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” Libbre David 37 This only confirms that the despicable religion originates from a despicable tribe and that the Jew is not a product of converting to a loathsome religion. The Roman historian Tacitus reinforces this notion of the Jewish religion in his most famous work Histories written 109 AD –

“…Moses prescribed for them a novel religion quite different from those of the rest of mankind. Among the Jews all things are profane that we hold sacred; on the other hand they regard as permissible what seems to us immoral…The other practices of the Jews are sinister and revolting, and have entrenched themselves by their very wickedness. Wretches of the most abandoned kind who had no use for the religion of their fathers took to contributing dues and free-will offerings to swell the Jewish exchequer; and other reasons for their increasing wealth may be found in their stubborn loyalty and ready benevolence towards brother Jews. But the rest of the world they confront with the hatred reserved for enemies. They will not feed or intermarry with gentiles… They have introduced the practice of circumcision to show that they are different from others.” (Tacitus, Histories, 5.2–5).

Indeed it was not long before the wicked activities of the Jews roused Roman public opinion against them following the establishment of the very first Jewish community outside the Middle East in Rome in 139 BC. During sittings of the Roman senate the famous orator Cicero, among others, frequently spoke against the Jewish presence in Rome. Equally there is historical evidence relating to their negative impact on Romans during the first century AD. The world’s first anti-Jewish riots broke out in the city of Alexandria in 38 AD, and re-occurred in 66 AD, 115 AD, 118 AD, and 411 AD. In that year Cyril, the archbishop of Alexandria ordered the expulsion of all Jews from the city. The Roman Emperor Tiberius formally expelled Jews from Rome in 19 AD. They returned shortly after, only to be expelled again in 49 AD. In 116 AD, Emperor Trajan ordered that all Jews in Mesopotamia should be killed on the grounds that they were the cause of continual uprisings in that region. One of the most famous emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire, Justinian (527–565 AD), adopted a comprehensive anti-Jewish policy which barred Jews from the civil service, military posts, and any other positions of influence in his government. All of these events that pre-date the supposed ‘Khazar conversion’ serve to highlight the devastating impact the Jew had on Roman life and provide substantial proof that the Jew displayed identical behavioural patterns centuries prior to the alleged ‘conversion’. Patently the Khazar theory has been produced to suggest an “Ashkenazi” problem rather than a “Jewish problem” yet it was the Middle Eastern Mizrahi bloodline that interfered with Roman life 900 years prior to the Khazars and the Sephardi are currently notoriously anti-Gentile easily proving that all Jews have been and remain a problem throughout history.

Logic would also dictate that if a massive conversion of substantially different racial stock took place after the 7th century the racial make-up of Jews in that area would alter dramatically compared to that of their Sephardi and Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) brethren. However, to date twelve DNA studies prove otherwise. Beginning in 1999 the studies all reached very similar conclusions that Jewish community’s whether Ashkenazi, Sephardi, or Mizrahi formed a clearly distinct cluster sharing a common lineage consistent with origins in the region of the Middle East. While the most recent involving Harry Ostrer, a professor of Pathology and Genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and the Jewish HapMap Project are a double edged sword in that they tend to compound the notion that the Jew is a race alone and not a tribal facet of a larger Semitic race that has long existed and continues to live in the Middle East. Nevertheless, there is conclusive DNA evidence against the reality of the so called ‘Khazar theory’ thus substantiating the notion that it is a mechanism to distract from the “Jewish problem”. Indeed by associating Zionism with only the Ashkenazi strain the Jew attempts to disassociate from his crimes against Europe and the globe.

So it remains only to explain why so called reasoned Nationalists would entertain this obviously weak hypothesis meant to distract. What is transparent from the substantial evidence presented is that those claiming that only the ‘Khazar/Ashkenazi’ pose a problem are verifiably wrong. The concept of only “some Jews” or “false Jews” has been addressed and exposed as black propaganda. Consequently those pushing the Khazar theory are shills participating in a Jewish construct designed to distract from the Jew regardless of what historical documentation records.

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Ireland: A real perspective.

The Irish people have become victims of the IRA/Sinn Fein. The IRA/Sinn Fein call themselves Patriots but they have sold out the Irish people. What good did joining the European Union bring to Ireland-mass immigration, asset stripping and the total destruction of her economy under the Euro. It seems in the desperation to keep out their English Brother the Irish gave the IRA/Sinn Fein an open invitation to their Marxist comrades the Zionist EU who then brought the rest of the world to Ireland. The IRA/Sinn Fein meant to deliver the Irish to their Marxist Comrades in the Zionist EU the disaster was staged. For decades the Irish have been victims of an ideology that now sees its grip tighten on the whole of western civilization.

A most disturbing feature of Ireland’s troubles continues to be the sectarianism. Whilst this was more than merely religion (Protestant versus Catholic) it is inter-racial; at the basic level two differing White tribes the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons.  Given the length of time over which this factionalism has taken place from a nationalistic point of view there is no reason why there should not have been an adequate conclusion for both. Yet to all intents and purposes modern Ireland is the turbulent land that it has been for much of the previous century. There is an underlying connotation that there is a purpose in the ‘maintenance’ of these hostilities. Just as we seen with numerous conflicts in the Middle East Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now threatening Syria and Iran the ‘West’ has been damn quick to ‘democratise’. This usually means throwing up a Rothschild Bank. Similarly there was a dramatic drive by the United Nations to envelope the newly declared sovereign lands that emerged following the break up of the Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia. Chillingly the down fall of Slobodan Milošević President of Serbia has all the hallmarks of the deposition of the ill fated Gadaffi. “Milošević emerged in April 1987 as the leading force in Serbian politics. Some international journalists have stated that his political positions were nationalist, with elements of socialism …”  naturally, like Gadaffi what followed Milošević was an almost immediate ‘acquisition’ by the Zionists in the West of Serbian land. “Following the ousting of President Slobodan Milošević from office, [Serbia] applied for membership, and was admitted to the UN on 1 November 2000”.

The United Nations is set up as a global force and with it there is a suffocating desire to ‘compel’ member states to comply. This complicity is called democracy but not as the ancient Greeks the cradle of civilisation would recognise it. Today the word ‘democracy’ is applied to Zionist slavery delivered through Marxist dogma. This brutal ‘liberal’ totalitarianism will not suffer dissent disagree and you are a ‘racist’ an ‘anti-Semite’ or worse still a hater of Israel. War will no doubt be declared against the leader who attempts to protect his nation and this is the future into which the IRA has marched the Irish people.

Why else would a British Labour Council sanction a Republican march though an English city other than to stir up White sectarian violence again? Sinn Fein and the British Labour Party share the same agenda. Of course the buck stops with Bolshevik Labour council leader Joe Anderson. The Marxist Labour Party is the source of this volatile situation with White sectarianism. Let’s take a close up look at the Local Labour Party entrenched with the Marxist Unions Anderson himself is priming himself for local mayor. Trouble at this Labour sponsored IRA/Sinn Fein event is fuel for a Labour Marxist city clamp down. Has anyone bothered to count the Zionists on Liverpool Council, this is a prime example of their divide and conquer technique. Keep the gentile distracted while they self serve.

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