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Nationalism: Its nature and tools

Nationalism is organic. In a healthy society (and believe me we do not live in one of those!) nationalism would not be considered a political entity but a natural innate response. In fact in seeking the nature of nationalism one is on a spiritual discovery that uncovers a unique connection between the individual, his race and his heritage. The Nation is kin, that is like an extended family and the key here is ties of blood as the nation is all of one race. This extends backwards in terms of the nations history and is thrust forward in terms of the passing on of the nation’s traditions and culture. In this light the individual is born with a soulful duty or responsibility to the nation to maintain this continuity.

As such it is only once the tribal group extended way beyond multiple familial groups into towns and cities that as an entity the Nation and Nationalism took on a political form. The purpose of Government in this healthy society is to serve the nation-again still an extended racial family. The State would consist of people from within the nation not foreign elements. This is known as a Nation-State. If foreign elements run a State and not its people they serve their own interests and not that of the nation. A particularly good example of this is Zionism and usually involves wars for Israel. If at anytime the State ceased to serve would be seen as corrupting the life of the nation and would require dismantling.

Once Nationalism is installed as the political mechanism of government what follows are a series of tools to protect the nation. That Fascism is a technique employed by nationalists is somewhat of a misnomer. In actual fact the English word fascism derives from the Italian fascio (“league”) and suggests merely a group or movement. Although Fascism logically denotes only Italian fascism, the word is used to describe similar ideologies and political movements. That is not by chance, but because in 1935 Stalin ordered  the word Fascism be used for all national socialistic movements, to hide the word “socialistic”; Bolshevism or Jewish “socialism” wanted to keep that word for itself. In reality Nationalistic movements throughout Europe were as ideologically unique as the culture of the land in which they arose. Germany’s National Socialism would not manifest in Italy but could only become the Italian Fascism of Mussolini. All did learn from each other and this is highlighted in Britain’s Union of Fascists. Never the less the Anglo-Saxon allies gladly accepted the ‘wise’ resolution of Stalin, and their Zionist infested press has since used the same false naming for any national movement.

As a consequence of Stalin’s move Fascism is now pretty much synonymous with Nationalism and can be presumed as a tool in the service of the Nation. Just like Nationalism it rejects the values of Zionist democracyliberalismMarxism and internationalism/Globalism. Mussolini noted that “the first stage of Fascism should more properly be called Corporatism because it is the merger of State and corporate power.” As the state is run in the best interests of its nation a merger between state and corporate business is in the best interests of the nation because it encourages competition between native suppliers but protects from global takeovers. Good fences make good neighbours and this is why Nations have borders. Fundamental to Fascism is that it and its components are operated within a Nation-State. It is the ideology of protection and preservation of the Nation that conserves industry, business, media and domestic product for the good of the race. If the Nationalistic ideology was removed or subverted there would no longer be a restraint.

As stated in the beginning of this article this is not a healthy society and the current ruling ideology is in direct opposition to nationalistic thought. It is in favour of the ‘free’ movement of goods and people and in the form of the EU has dissolved sovereign country’s borders. Without borders this has effectively allowed huge multinationals to swoop in and swallow up small businesses. While the current ideology applauds this as globalism it has a 2 fold negative effect on a country destroying jobs and reducing choice. In wake of this a land’s mineral wealth, which in a Nationalist framework would serve its own people, has become a profit making scheme for private companies. A most absurd principle brought about by this ideology is the selling off of a country’s mineral wealth (Gas, Coal, Electricity etc) only to have its people buy it back at astronomical prices.

One must conclude that the ruling ideology in government/s is the mechanism by which society is controlled. The Nationalistic model is driven by the Nation-state that suffers no foreign self serving elements. Here the State serves the Nation basically by ‘capping’ business and industries ability to go ‘global’ and destroy the family business. The current model not a Nation-State and at the root of this Ideology is much self interest. The eradication of borders has destroyed jobs, encouraged immigration and asset stripped European Lands all in the name of ‘Globalisation’. This is what happens when a continent takes its eye off the ball and lets a foreign element sneak in. White Europeans did not win either of the world wars (Brothers Wars) Zionism did.

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Stolen Christmas

Menorah in LiverpoolAs usual a large candelabra called a Menorah has appeared in the foreground of the George Hall in Liverpool. A member of staff in the George Hall Heritage centre informed that this is to celebrate the Jewish festival of Chanukkah and has been placed by Liverpool City Council. Chanukkah is observed for eight nights and days starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar. This may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. It is ‘curious’ then that it is always chosen to co-side with the Christmas period. There is a very sinister plot afoot, for example the precise time chosen to place the Menorah, about a week prior to Christmas, yet there is not a Christmas tree in sight.

All too quickly our beloved traditional Christmas is being stolen away from our folk. Only last year a nativity play was postponed in favour of a Muslim festival. The Christmas holidays are replayed with bland terms such as ‘winterval’ and already people are wishing each other ‘happy holiday’ or ‘seasons greetings’ instead of a rousing MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Yet this is only the beginning. So far a huge decorated Christmas tree stands proudly in Liverpool’s Lord Street, but The War on Christmasfor how long. 80% of Americans confess to be Christian yet it is illegal to place any Christian paraphernalia on public land. In fact Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky threatened the Port of Seattle with a law suit if they did not place a menorah next to the Christmas Trees in Seatac airport cancelling Christmas for the majority of travellers. Yet can you imagine what icon was erected just across from the White House-yes that’s right a huge great Menorah.

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The Flag Seller

The location is Liverpool City Centre just opposite Tesco. Ahead stands a stall at which an apparently indiscriminate merchant sells flags. Now surely if one flies a flag then it implies that they are justifying the regime that flag symbolises. Certainly the Union Flag flies proud, the George and Dragon of Wales. Yet this is Britain and our Isle requires no justification for flying her own flags. However, the array of alternate flags on offer does require an awful lot to justify.

 Clearly identifiable are the hammer and sickle of the USSR and the flag of Red China, both Communist regimes that have murdered millions. If this merchant is the indiscriminate seller he claims to be why does he not fly the flag of the Third Reich? Is it the nature of the proposed dead…Stalin starved millions of Russian people. Maybe killing gentiles isn’t meant to be as offensive as ‘killing’ Jews. Is the flag seller a coward? Absolutely, his position as an indiscriminate seller of flags is highly defensible.  However, we know that if the Swastika was seen flying in Liverpool City Centre a certain community would immediately start yelling anti-Semitism. Inevitable this particular community would attempt to charge the flyer with a ‘hate crime’. Of course it is this merchant’s cowardice that will not allow him to risk offending Jews although he is quite happy being complicit in the downfall of his own people.

 Communism was invented by the Jew Karl Marx whose teacher was Moses Hess the philosophical father of Zionism. The two political concepts work hand in hand. Communism has been a destructive force dividing sovereign Nationalities. Meanwhile, Zionism, a parasitic Jewish Nationalism, confirms the truth of Judaism-they are a race not just a religion. This ties the international community and supports the State of Israel. Here again we see the glaring hypocrisy. The State of Israel is segregated yet its people support ‘multiculturalism’ for Europe.

 Again this flag seller is selling the flag of The State of Israel a people very close to genocide. Every piece of land settled by the Israelis is to the expense of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

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