A Little Criticism

It’s okay to be white because this phrase embodies submission to the alien invader only emphasised by the act of cowering behind masks. let us explain we have received numerous emails referring to the phrase its okay to be white” since its inception in 2017. Now with the launch of this new push supported by Patrick Little it is necessary to flesh out our original critique.

The phrase was constructed as a dialectic devised to demarcate Caucasian boundaries; fencing white people into a submissive and defensive stance from the onset. Regardless of what apparent white advocate speaks out in its favour no battle lines are drawn or war won by an army bowing to its enemy. More than 30 years prior to the seizure and occupation of Eastern Europe a malignant foreign element known to be hostile to it’s European host was blatantly preaching violent insurrection on the streets of Europe.

Jewish terrorists had been actively subverting the Russian political landscape for decades with numerous political assassinations and attempted assassinations. The most prominent was the Jew Vera Figner who assassinated Alexander II in 1881 and in 1887 Aleksandr Ulyanov, the older brother of the Jewish Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin who organized an assassination attempt on Alexander III. Jew Grigory Andreyevich Gershuni founded the SR (Jewish) Combat Organization in 1902 that planned and executed the assassination of Dmitry Sipyagin, the Minister of the Interior, in April 1902, the attempted assassinate of Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky, the Governor of Kharkov, in July 1902 and the assassination of N. M. Bogdanovich, the Governor of Ufa, in May 1903.  Jewish terrorist Evno Azef organized and

headed the assassination of Minister of the Interior Vyacheslav von Plehve in 1904 and the murder of the Tsar’s uncle, the governor of Moscow, Grand Duke Sergei Romanov in 1905. In 1906 Jewess Fanny Kaplan was arrested in Kiev over her involvement in a terrorist bomb plot directed at Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin. Stolypin was only slightly injured by flying splinters, but 28 others were murdered—among them his 15-year-old daughter. Stolypin’s three year old son was also seriously wounded. Then in 1911 the Jew Dimitri (Mordecai) Bogrov achieved Stolypin’s murder by shooting the Russian Prime Minister in the Kiev Opera House, in front of Nicholas II and two of his daughters. Stolypin died four days later. These overt acts of political terror against European sovereignty led swiftly to the Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Eastern Europe and the savage murder of Tsar Nicholas II, his family, and four retainers on the night of 16-17th July 1918. The Jew Yakov Yurovsky was Chief executioner with Jewish lieutenant Grigory Nikulin,  and other Jews responsible for the European monarchs murder- Pyotr Yermakov,  and P. S Vaganov.

So let us make this clear, molested or not, the Jews forcefully assert their ideology even in the face of apparently hopeless odds. Never have they approached their masters cap in hand with the phrase please sir it’s okay to be Jewish! Although the Jewish slow march through our institutions is almost complete we are still on familiar territory and it perturbs us that those that take leadership positions believe that an insipid phrase obviously spun by a Jewish think tank could serve anything other than Jewish interests.

Post victory over Europe the new Jewish authority made steps to deracinate the host and the 1960’s was the pinnacle of this drive. Fracturing the generations was only the beginning for this Jewish psyop. With its origins in the Frankfurt School Jewish Zio-Marxist thought was a fundamental attack on European culture and heritage. Apparently inspired The Beast As Saint by Ghandi, symbolic of the fall of the British Empire, Martin Luther King’s ‘peace marches’ are a prime example of Jewish dialectical strategy: the coloured races are conned into believing they can peaceably conquer while the Caucasian is lead to believe such tactics work. Meanwhile the world has been crafted through violence, an implement our enemy has keenly affirmed with its seizure of Europe, yet the tainted past now presented to us provides a false dichotomy. Constructed by the enemy, like the phrase “its okay to be white” the boundaries are defined for the nationalist and consequently the Jewish authority has the ‘rogue’ element contained.

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16 responses to “A Little Criticism”

  1. jakobmoc1 says :

    This was the finest shit I ever read..what brilliance.. everyone always focused on the Muslims..but they ain’t the ones that poison my family at the local Walmart. Great stuff!

  2. Jake_A says :

    Great article. It is unfortunate more is not heard from this site. This article has been reblogged here: https://thesharpenedquill.com/2019/03/17/a-little-criticism-azl-home/

  3. IceDim29 says :

    Не понимаю, как биомусор может почувствовать себя белым) очевидно что никак, это как слепой увидит, безногий побежит. Это дар данный свыше)))

    • traveleroftamriel says :

      Hi IceDim, I think what you said was lost in translation:


      Either that, or judging by your words and your profile picture; you’re just another kike. Honestly, just about every non-White is closer to looking like they climbed out of shit than White people do. Although that in itself is quite a racist comment, I am not racist at heart (nor on the surface). If anyone’s actual shit, you might as well go by their appearance and what they contributed to civilization.

      • IceDim29 says :

        Ты посмотри во что твои коллеги Россию превратили. Вот тебе клип с центрального телевидения. Скопируй и введи в гугле, а не думай о расизме – «эй биомусор – элджей» скопируй не думай главное много, это вредно. Теперь объясни кто тебя приглашал кушать дары западной цивилизации? Кушайте свою цивилизацию.

      • IceDim29 says :

        Ты посмотри во что твои коллеги Россию превратили. Вот тебе клип с центрального телевидения. Скопируй и введи в гугле, а не думай о

    • traveleroftamriel says :

      Yeah, I’m not responsible for the decisions made by my government. Why not ask yourself what jewish oligarchs (who are still in power) have done to Russia? Most of them never went to prison, while Yeltsin and a number of others were exonerated by Putin personally. Even though Yeltsin was an alcoholic, he knew exactly what he was doing; and yet he was only given a slap on the wrist instead of spending the rest of his life in prison.


      [Look at what your colleagues have turned Russia. Here’s a clip from the central television. Copy and type in Google, but do not think about racism – “hey bio-garbage – elj” copy do not think the main thing a lot, it’s bad Now explain who invited you to eat the gifts of Western civilization? Eat your civilization.]

      • IceDim29 says :

        Путин – как раз таки еврей. И Элджей тоже еврей. И жириновский, Медведев, Усманов, Абрамович и весь санкционный список тоже евреи. У меня отчим был тоже евреем. Он не мог переносить жизнь с белым ребёнком в квартире и поэтому все время был пьян и ссан (иногда сран). Здорово быть евреем)))

      • IceDim29 says :

        Больше не пиши мне. Это бесполезно. Ваше место в Израиле, а не в России, Америке и Европе. Кто что создал, тот там пусть и живёт. Всего хорошего, настроения хорошего, прощай.

  4. traveleroftamriel says :

    My reply to IceDim29:

    Since I am not able to post longer messages in the comments section.




  5. traveleroftamriel says :

    Another reply for the faggot Ice[y] Dim [Wit]:


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