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Jews in Vietnam

Jews have been present in Vietnam only since the late 19th century. There are a handful of references to Jewish settlement in Saigon sprinkled through the pages of the Jewish Chronicle in the 1860s and 1870s. Adherents that remain today are those that claim to be of the ‘Semitic’ variety with few to no native Vietnamese converts. However, this is not for the want of trying. The Alliance Israélite Universelle, a Jewish terrorist organisation, appears to have had some activity in Haiphong during the 1920s, Then in the 1930’s the growth of communism was reported with the Dang Cong San Viet Nam (Vietnamese Communist Party), directed from Moscow and Canton. In 2006, Chabad opened a centre in Ho Chi Minh City, which is considered to be the economic centre of Vietnam. According to Rabbi Menachem Hartman of the Chabad Centre, about 10,000 to 15,000 Jewish business people and tourists visit Vietnam each year.

Jews in Africa

Jews have occupied Africa from the seventh century. They left Spain and moved to inland Africa and proselytized among the Caucasian Berber tribes. A number of tribes, including the Jarawa, Uled Jari, and some tribes of the Daggatun people, converted to the customs called ‘Judaism’ that the Jew practiced. Ibn Khaldun reported that Kahina, a female Berber who revolted against the Semitic Arab tribes practicing Islam of North Africa in the 680s and 690s, was a Jew of the Jarawa tribe. Thus even from its earliest occupation the Jew has planted its Trojan horse and fostered treachery between kin.


Contrary to popular belief the Jew is not a pure race for as specified there are three basic races-the Caucasoid or White Race, the Mongoloid and Negroid or Black race. It claims to be ‘Semitic’, a variant admixtures of the core racial types-Caucasoid (White Race), the Mongoloid and Negroid (Black race). This has been the strategy the Jew has used to legitimise territorial claim to Palestinian land for over 3000 years. Nevertheless, while it is true that a people of variant ‘Semitic’ admixture existed in the area of Palestine for over 2000 years the Jewish declaration is absurd it is like the Celts ‘demanding’ England back from the Saxon after 15 hundred years of occupation. Yet this is indicative of Jewish methodology. As an itinerant tribe without anything of substance expropriation or theft of money, property or territory from the host population is the Jewish staple. Their nomadic existence has spread them across the globe with further dispersals instituting global communication between Jewish communities added through their own private languages, while propaganda conceals their criminality with cries of persecution.

Shomrim Police

AZL flag holder TransparentShomrim/Shmira are organizations of uniformed Jewish civilian patrols which have been set up in Haredi communities in neighborhoods across the United States and Great Britain (and in many other countries) to terrorize the surrounding local indigenous communities. A particular strategy is to agitate neighboring gentiles then report a rise in ‘anti-Semitic’ attacks when neighbors complain of harassment. There is also a high correlation between missing children and active Shomrim patrols.

Gerald Kaufman

AZL flag holder TransparentSir Gerald Bernard Kaufman (born 21st June 1930) is a Jewish Labour politician who has been a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1970, first for Manchester Ardwick and then for Manchester Gorton. The youngest of seven children, Kaufman was born in Leeds to Jewish parents Louis and Jane Kaufman born in Poland and arrived prior to WWI. Educated at Leeds Grammar School the University of Oxford (Queen’s College) he was Secretary of the University Labour Club and assistant general secretary of the Fabian Society from (1954–55). Kaufman was a government minister in the 1970s and a member of the Shadow Cabinet in the 1980s. He is the current Father of the House. Kaufman was involved in the 2009 expenses scandal where he was found to have claimed £115,109 in additional costs allowances on his London flat between 2001 and 2008, also submitting a claim for three months’ expenses totalling £14,301.60 in June 2006, which included £8,865 for a 40-inch LCD television and £1,461.83 for a luxury rug imported from New York City (plus £389.91 in customs expenses) violating regulations forbidding claims for luxury furnishings. In typically Jewish fashion he claimed he was the ‘victim’ of self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and blamed this for his claims. He also said that his ‘condition’ led him to purchase a pair of Waterford Crystal grapefruit bowls on his parliamentary expenses. Together with the Jewish politician Gregor Gysi in Germany Kaufman is at the forefront of the push to invade Europe with fresh immigrant weapons that will destroy our ancestral land. He is quoted as saying “BRITAIN SHOULD TAKE 10,000 MIGRANTS A DAY, ‘WE’LL DO WHAT GERMANS DID” Meanwhile, he pretends to take a ‘hard-line’ on the Jewish terrorist organization known as ‘Israel’ currently occupying Palestinian land. Yet at no point does he allow the real ethnic or territorial issues to filter through. Indeed the Jew has no land claim for it is plain to see that the Semitic Palestinian is of the same ethnicity as the Semitic Jew thus what is taking place is religious contention on the part of the Jew.

Janner Exposed

AZL flag holder TransparentLord JannerJewish politician Greville Janner or Lord Janner of Braunstone is a prominent ex-barrister, who represented Leicester as a Labour MP for almost 30 years half as long as he has been raping European children. Janner served as president Greville Janner rapes European children 4of the Board of Deputies of British Jews between 1978 and 1984. This is the main representative body for Jews squatting in Britain. He is also chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, served as a vice president of the ‘World Jewish Congress’ and of the ‘Jewish Leadership Council’. Janner played a leading role in extorting money from Swiss banks claiming it belonged to Jews and was ‘stolen’ during WWII. Ironic given that they are a foreign entity squatting on European land and living off a European economy so any wealth they have acquired is European. Janner is currently charged with 22 accounts of JANNER'S CONJURING TRICKSchild rape spanning over 60 years. He is also a keen amateur magician; slightly more inventive than offering little children sweeties. One wonders how many of the 140,000 children a year in Britain alone he makes vanish.

Elsie Sybil, née Cohen and Barnett JannerThe son of Barnett Janner and Elsie Sybil, née Cohen Jewish parents born in Lithuania, fluent Janner family tree FAMILY TREEYiddish speaker Janner was born in Cardiff, Wales of the kohanim line. Notable others of this line include Bela Kun and Director of the BBC Danny Cohen, also strategically positioned to induce the greatest amount of corruption possible to the ethnic European. The mother, Elsie Sybil Cohen, a Labour party activist was already well placed as president of the Federation of Women Zionists, the British Council for Soviet Jewry, and vice-president of the Association for Jewish Youth. Her husband’s memorial occupies territory that she seized on the slopes of Mount Gilboa, in upper Galilee, which she ironically named Gan Ner, the Garden of Light. Perhaps it is a reference to the Jewish tribe’s constant fiery destruction of the Gentile. Janner’s father Barnett was equally favoured having spent a year as a student studying with notorious Jewish Communist Israel Cohen. Cohen is attributed with the following quote that appeared in a March 1957 letter to the Israel Coheneditor of the Washington Star; “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause”  While, the Star later apologised and claimed the quote to be a ‘forgery’ its authenticity is irrelevant for it would never have been printed in the first place had not on some level those involved in publication agreed with the sentiments contained therein. Like his son Barnett Barnett Janner, Simon Wiesenthal and Emanuel Litvinoffbecame President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (1950 to 1970) a member of the World Zionist Organisation and the World Jewish Congress. However, Janner senior’s main scheme was a prelude to his son’s pseudo charities in that it helped compel the British Government into pursuing Jewish interests.

Evacuated to Canada during WWII at the age of 18 the son Greville Janner eagerly joined the British Army as part of the contrived ‘War Crimes’ Investigation Unit near a former Labour camp in Jewish occupied Germany. This unit also ran the notorious London Cage and as the work of the Cage wound down the interrogation of prisoners was switched to a number of allied prison camps in Germany. While many of the papers relating to these interrogation centres remain sealed at the Foreign Office, evidence does show that the treatment meted out in these places was much worse and it is clear that one camp in the British zone became particularly notorious. Janner the torturerMost of the intelligence officers accompanying US and British forces into the Reich were Jewish and the most brutal of the interrogators, examiners and screeners and given Janner’s predilections the manner of depravity visited upon German prisoners of War (POW’s) can be deduced. George Patton even commented “I am frankly opposed to this war-criminal stuff. It is not cricket and it is Semitic… I can’t see how Americans can sink so low.” Indeed according to a court of inquiry German prisoners were starved to death, while others were tortured and shot for minor offenses. Further evidence points to the National Archives were a complaint made by a 27-year-old German journalist held at this camp somewhat vindicates the German State Police from Jewish propaganda. He stated that while he had spent two years as a prisoner of the Gestapo not once did they treat him as badly as the post WWII occupying forces.

Despite only being with the army unit 18 months until its closure in 1948 Janner rose swiftly to the rank of Sergeant. He became a barrister in 1954, proceeded his father as Labour MP for Leicester and married Myra Sheink the niece of Israel Brodie, former Freemason Rabbi Israel Brodie (Related to Greville Janner)Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth and Freemasonic ‘Grand Chaplain’ of the United Grand Lodge of England. Like his nephew-in-law Brodie has engineered a web that favours the Jews to the detriment of the European. He expanded his tribe’s business network (The United Synagogue) and his Conference of European Rabbis founded in 1956 is a lobby group that serves The Janner FamilyJewish interests to the impairment of the Ethnic European. Janner himself has 3 children; Daniel as we shall see later positioned in an attempt to prevent his father’s prosecution, Marion following the Marxist agenda a mental health worker with apparent ‘issues’ of her own and no doubt directing her European patients toward the same sexual disease as her father, and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner. Janner-David Klausner wedding in 1988Married to David Klausner, local Government manipulator Laura Janner-Klauser who speaks fluent Hebrew and is Britain’s only female head of faith has quite evidently been placed to drive the perversion agenda in the religious arena. Studying Christian theology at Cambridge University under Dr Rowan Williams, who would later become the 104th and rather questionable Archbishop of Canterbury Janner-Klausner has a disturbing habit of forming ‘relationships’ with perverse figures in the Christian arena raising the issue of the Laura Janner-Klausner with good friend Justin Welbyroot of the corruption. Her current liaison is with Justin Welby the Jewish 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. Maintaining an unsurmountable level of chutzpah she still receives a regular platform on Jewish run and paedophile riddled BBC and radio even as her father is prosecuted for child rape. Laura Janner-Klausner patently expresses that her corrosive program of feminism, sexual perversion and homosexual marriage is not for the Jewish tribe but solely directed towards the European by citing her strictly orthodox rabbi Great Uncle Israel Brodie as a ‘profound influence’.

Janner with GellerGreville Janner is close friends with self-confessed Mossad agent Uri Geller the proof of which has been exposed by declassified documents. Like Savile the BBC provided Geller with a rather unique cover. Presenting him as an eccentric crank not to be taken seriously with talents as equally limited as Savile, Geller had the uncanny ability to move round freely in powerful circles. Nevertheless, following the police search of Janner’s Westminster offices in March 2014 Geller revealed that he was quitting his mansion of 34 years in the UK for a small apartment in Jewish occupied Palestine. One cannot help but view this sudden move in connection with Janner, Savile and the intensive paedophile investigations it has uncovered.

It was this Jewish Labour MP along with schoolmaster and former Labour Home Secretary Merlyn Rees that founded ‘The Holocaust Educational Trust’ in 1988. An extract from %22SpyCatcher%22 on the death of Labour leader Hugh GaitskellFollowing Hugh Gaitskell’s suspicious death, Rees stood successfully as the Labour candidate for Leeds South while Harold Wilson succeeded Gaitskell as Labour leader. Rees is at the centre of an investigation into whether Government money was used to fund the The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) inquiryPaedophile Information Exchange group. The Holocaust Educational Trust is a registered charity in England, Wales and Scotland. The current Chief Executive is Karen Pollock, who was awarded an MBE for her services to ‘Holocaust’ construct indoctrination in 2012. Janner is Chairman and the President is Stephen Rubin. Honorary Patrons include Lord Carey, Lord Dholakia, Lord Mackay of Clashfern and compulsive liar Elie Wiesel. Jewish politician Janner has been raping little European children for 60 years. An MP said Janner had “raped and tortured” children in Parliament no doubt a sadistic proclivity he developed during his early years in the army. There are 22 counts of child rape against him yet Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron still condones the involvement of this fiends trust within the National Curriculum of schools across the United Kingdom. “Over quarter of a century we have come an enormous way in our efforts to ensure that the Holocaust is understood and commemorated throughout this country. Since 1991, the Holocaust has been part of our National Curriculum in schools.” – Greville Janner 2013. While Homosexuality was only decriminalised in the late 60’s in the UK it is a well-documented part of the ‘Holocaust’ agenda to suggest ‘persecution’ of the sexually Peter Tatchell with Unison in the background (Labour25)perverted. By stealth children are Sex education material for five year oldstaught that homosexuality and paedophilia are in their best interests.

Indeed Homosexuality and paedophilia were categorized as sexual disorders or mental diseases collectively known as paraphilias. Described in an article published in American Journal of Psychiatry in 1981 paraphilia is the “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviours generally involving:

  1. Non-human objects
  2. The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner
  3. Children
  4. Non-consenting persons.

Homosexuality was removed from this list as recently as 1974 but a British Labour Government headed by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, accused by MI5 of being a KGB agent, legalized homosexuality as early as 1967 under the sexual offenses act. Also in 1974 homosexual Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) InterviewJew Michael Hanson formed the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) the sole purpose of which was to make child rape acceptable to the public. Homosexuals also immediately Sexual Bolshevism is the politicization of sexual depraved actsadopted the rainbow as their motif a symbol closely associated with childhood and children. The fact that Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalization of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was an enthusiastic participant at a pseudo-academic conference held at the University of Cambridge; were it was put forward that paedophilia interest is “natural and normal for males”, and that “at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children, and normal males are aroused by children” is horrific enough evidence of a Marxist paedophile ring operated at Westminster. Yet when Steven Adrian Smith, a man who had achieved notoriety as the chairman of PIE from 1979 onwards described how he had managed the Paedophile organisation PIE for almost four years, from a small room at the London headquarters of the Home Office. ‘PIE did actually have an office in Westminster,’ he stated can only confirm this. Nevertheless Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron had the chutzpah to state that claims of an Establishment paedophile cover-up was ‘conspiracy theory’ even though most of those accused are heavily involved in pederasty (Homosexual boy rape). This took Prim Minister David Cameron protectects Known homosexual Paedophilesplace shortly after Cameron cautioned that the whole affair could turn into a homosexual ‘witch hunt’ only confirming the Jewish Prime Minister’s complicity in this perversion.

Greville-Janner-named-as-child-abuser-in-courtLabour MP Lord Janner was named in the 1991 trial of ex marine, former liberal councillor and Jewish serial child rapist Leicester children’s home manager Frank Beck by one witness as having abused him; Janner was not himself on trial and did not testify. Beck was a close friend of the Janner family and it was in fact Janner himself who enabled Beck to procure his position at the children’s home. The victim Winston was able to describe Janner’s home, the hotel rooms they had shared, and Janner’s habits and person in detail. Officers wanted to arrest the Leicester West Labour MP, which would have given them the power to search his home and offices as well as taking his fingerprints and other evidence. Legal advice was sought on taking the rare step of arresting an MP and it is understood that the advice from senior counsel was that it was an appropriate course of action. However, at the last minute the planned arrest was David Napley & the Jeremy Thorpe caseblocked and instead arrangements were made for Janner to attend a police station by appointment with his Jewish solicitor, Sir David Napley. The consequence was Former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Allan Greenthat the Jewish Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, was able to state that “for lack of evidence,” Janner would not be prosecuted. Green was later arrested for kerb-crawling.

Beck died suddenyBeck died suddenly of a ‘heart attack’ in 1994 at the age of 52 shortly before his appeal was due to begin. His solicitor, Oliver D’Sa stated that “he was very impatient for the appeal to go ahead. His death came out of the blue” and rumours continue to circulate that amphetamines were introduced into his food to induce heart failure. Clearly expendable Beck had obviously played a key part in procuring young boys for the child sex ring yet though the press insists he continued to protest his innocence the solicitor’s remark and Beck’s sudden and rather mysterious death indicate that he had evidence on Janner that the court did not want brought to light. Indeed other than Janner the main abuser working alongside Beck was the Jew Colin Fiddaman. Despite being described by former children in care as having not only sexually abused them, but having run a torture regime in the homes following his supposed suicide in 1991 while on bail Fiddaman apparently disappears from trial details. Mystery of DeathsIt has also come to light that these multiple child torturers and rapists are child murders as well. Originally dismissed by the obliging press as ‘suicides’ evidence from other children living in the home attest that choking injuries are consistent with the method of torture used by the child rapists that of using a towel as a noose around a child’s neck to render him compliant. Beck himself was described as a “monster”, an irresistible personality, a manipulator who could abuse a child and then convince him that he had wanted it, a navy interrogator trained to Frank Beck was MI6torture without leaving marks. The kind of qualities Beck claimed MI6 had earlier sought in him. Also achieving the rank of sergeant the similarities to his paedophile comrade Jannar are striking.

Shortly after Janner was accused of child rape Jewish Labour MP Peter Mandelson lobbied Blair to give him a peerage. The child rape scandal has not left Mandelson untouched. Blair is known to have issued ‘D’ notices effectively terminating investigation of several senior members of his government and later Mandelson PervMandelson and his boyfriend’s name appeared in the ‘little black book’ when it was in the possession of Jewish child rapist Jeffery Epstein. Once belonging to Robert Maxwell’s daughter and known to be a list of names to which young children were supplied this would place Mandelson in the same Westminster child sex ring as Janner.

Thus Janner was made a peer six years after being accused of child rape in 1997 and in this same year he spear-headed the pseudo-conference entitled ‘Nazi Gold’. This event was basically used to convince European Governments to pay the Jewish parasites that have been plundering the wealth of Janner's paedophile run holocaust racketEurope for centuries. The monies have been used to continue financing the Holocaust construct. Janner also works extensively to extort money from European Governments for his tribe’s organised criminal networks under the pretence of ‘Holocaust survival’. While Labour MP Simon Danczuk appointed to investigate the establishment paedophile case looks pretty convincing. His real job is damage limitation. A further revelation disclosed that in 1983, on separate occasions over a period of months, Leon Britain investigated for child murderJewish child rapist Lord Leon Brittan disposed of several dossiers that he had been handed connecting parliament with the notorious Marxist organisation PIE. Since then Jewish politician Sir Keith Joseph other MPs, MI5 and MI6 operatives and senior policemen have been linked to the dossiers. Thus, though Janner’s crimes against children were under investigation in 1991 not only was no action taken it was actively blocked and it patently relates to the dossiers conveniently removed from play by Jewish child rapist Brittan.

Who is Greville Janner?Eleven years later in 2002 the police re-investigated the case but again no action was taken. A third investigation took place in 2007 but yet again no action was taken. Two years later in 2009 the Jewish Labour peer Janner was conveniently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. ‘Conveniently’ being the operative word for after being diagnosed with dementia life peer Jewish Lord Greville Janner voted 203 times in the House of Lords. The Labour peer attended the Lords on 634 days and claimed over £100,000 in expenses. Janner only stopped attending the House of Lords in late 2013 and has been on leave of absence since 2014 in fact only after the Labour Party suspended him due to public pressure. This obvious false ‘diagnosis’, a typical Jewish tactic, is only a visible cry for public sympathy and criminal lenience. The press are well aware of this and highly significant is their lack of sarcasm when it comes to Janner or in fact any of the ‘chosen’. The media also play a substantial role in supressing the true impact of the child rape scandal. Their insistence on ‘historic sexual abuse’ deliberately confines the public consciousness to the past-tense implying that the danger is over. This restricts a public outcry demanding a contemporary probe into the very real proof of existing child rape. This clearly highlights media complicity and its public manipulation in the current child rape scandal. Thus the contempt for the European is dazzling in its clarity as Janner himself declares how he feels about our people “I don’t care what bloody age they are. These ‘criminals’ should have been dealt with years ago.” (Jewish Chronicle 2012) The parasite condemns the host out right but the host will not receive justice for the crimes of the parasite.

A special trial called a “trial of the facts”, where a jury hears the evidence against an individual considered too ill for a full trial, will now be held into the Janner child rape case after it emerged that corrupt director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders consulted a barrister who had worked in the same chambers as Labour peer Janner’s son Daniel Janner before deciding that it was not in the public interest to prosecute despite there being enough evidence to proceed. Saunders announced in mid-April that, with “deep regret”, Janner should not be charged because he was unfit to stand trial. Incidentally there were cheers in the Commons when it was initially decided not to prosecute Janner. This is the nature of the paedophile cover-up. Alison Saunders & Eleanor Laws, QCSaunders overruled one of the country’s leading experts in child abuse, Eleanor Laws, QC, who said he could be charged with 22 offences against nine victims from children’s care homes in Leicestershire. Clearly feigning illness has guaranteed a light sentence.

In the meantime Janner’s victims are preparing civil law suits totalling 2.5 million. Proof that Janner’s mental capacity is anything but ‘ailing’ in a typical act of Jewish guile he has signed his ‘wealth’ over to his children. The transfer happened after police raided Janner’s office in the House of Lords and the move will substantially affect potential victim pay-outs. When Janner failed to attend the initial hearing after his legal team claimed he was ‘too ill’ to do so rather than issue an arrest warrant as should happen in the case of a criminal particularly this sadistic monster, this Jewish fiend is treated with kid gloves. One is reminded of the trial of Charles following the victory of Cromwell and the reluctance of the people to treat their royalty as a common criminal. Creatures such as the Jewish ‘lord’ Janner now replace our sacred European caste and are an indication of just how far we have fallen.

Indeed there is something quite obviously deficient in a European public so willing to be fooled by the creature Janner and his entourage and abundantly clear is that this artifice has been in organisation since Janner was first mentioned during the trial of Jewish serial child rapist Beck in 1991. Apparently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 he was still making decisions that affect Great Britain until the Labour Party suspended him making the rapid degeneration of the dementia during this prosecution absurd. The complicity of the media is required to publish the necessary disheveled pictures on a loop to complete this ‘wonderful’ charade and the set can break for ‘ice cream’. In fact did not Janner himself say how we should really feel about creatures such as him “No concessions to age or the time that has The Janner Jokerpassed can be made when it comes to justice for crimes of this magnitude…” How easily the pathetic, remedial mass forget, only to be mesmerised by the monstrous child torturer’s trickery. Yet again the public will fall for this Jewish farce.

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Laurence A Waddell

AZL flag holder TransparentLieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell, CB, CIE, F.L.S., L.L.D, M.Ch., I.M.S. RAI, F.R.A.S (1854–1938) was a British army surgeon, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, Professor of Tibetan, explorer and archaeologist. Waddell also studied Sumerian and Sanskrit; he made various translations of seals and other inscriptions. Waddell was born to Rev. Thomas Clement Waddell, a Doctor of Divinity at Glasgow University and Jean Chapman, daughter of John Chapman of Banton, Stirlingshire. Waddell obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine followed by a Master’s degree in both Surgery and Chemistry at Glasgow University in 1878. In 1880 Waddell joined the British Army and served as a medical officer for the Indian Medical Service (I.M.S).He was subsequently stationed in India and the following year became a Professor of Chemistry and Pathology at the Medical College of Kolkata, India and remained there for 6 years. While in India, Waddell also studied Sanskrit and edited the Indian Medical Gazette. From 1885-1887 Waddell became involved in British expeditions across Burma and Tibet. After his return from Burma Waddell was stationed in Darjeeling district, India, and was appointed Principal Medical Officer in 1888. Although his first publications were essays and articles on medicine and zoology, most notably “The Birds of Sikkim” (1893) in the 1890s Waddell firmly establish his archaeological expertise. He studied archaeology, ethnology and learned Tibetan in-between his military assignments. During the 1890s Waddell specialised in Buddhist antiquities and in 1895-97 he published “Reports on collections of Indo-Scythian Buddhist Sculptures from the Swat Valley”, various archaeological excavations were carried out and supervised by Waddell across India, including Pataliputra. His discoveries at Pataliputra were published in an official report in 1892 and his exploits in the Himalayas were published in his highly successful book Among the Himalayas (1899). Waddell was considered alongside Sir Charles Bell as one of the foremost authorities on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. In 1895 he also obtained a doctorate in law. Waddell continued his military service with the Indian Medical Service from 1898 returning to returned to England in 1906 a well decorated officer where he briefly became Professor of Tibetan at the University College of London. In 1908 Waddell began to learn Sumerian and began to translate ancient cuneiform tablets or seals, most notable include the Scheil dynastic tablet, the Bowl of Utu, the Newton Stone, as well as his British Edda. In 1911, Waddell published two entries in the Encyclopædia Britannica. By 1917, Waddell published an article in the Asiatic Review entitled “Aryan Origin of the World’s Civilization” and until his death was a proponent of “Pan-Sumerism” stating that many cultures and ancient civilizations were the product of Aryan Sumerian colonists such as the Indus Valley Civilization, Minoan Crete, Phoenicia, and Dynastic Egypt. From the 1920s Waddell had published several works highlighting the Aryan (i.e., Indo-European) origin of the alphabet and the appearance of Indo-European figures in ancient Near Eastern mythologies (e.g., Hittite, Sumerian, Babylonian). In Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons (1924) Waddell proposes a Syro-Hittite and Phoenician colonization of the British Isles and with Schliemann’s concrete verification of the existence of Troy the “migration of King Brutus and his Trojan and Phoenician refugees from Asia Minor and Phoenicia to establish a new homeland colony in Albion” has credence particularly when the use of the ancient Aryan “Sun-Cross” (Swastika) is mentioned. Waddell’s theory that the Indus-Valley seals were Sumerian also had academic support in the 1920s. It is highly suspicious that this support had disappeared by the early 1940s as Britain aided Jewish finance in a war against the Ethnic European. The non-Semitic source of the Sumerian language was established in the late 19th century by Julius Oppert and Henry Rawlinson and Waddell’s works Aryan Origin of the Alphabet and Sumer-Aryan Dictionary (1927) established that the Sumerian language was of Aryan (Indo-European) origin. He died in 1938 the same year he had completed writing Trojan Origin of World Civilization. This book was never published evidently because the weight of Waddell’s research severely impaired Jewish Marxist credibility.

Karl Lueger

AZL flag holder TransparentKarl Lueger (24th October 1844 – 10th March 1910) was an Austrian Christian Socialist politician, mayor of Vienna, and leader and co-founder of the Austrian Christian Social Party. Lueger was born at Wieden (since 1850 the 4th district of Vienna) to Leopold Lueger of Neustadtl an der Donau and his wife Juliane. He studied law at the University of Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1870. At university he was a member of the Catholic Student Association (Katholische akademische Verbindung Norica Wien, K.A.V. Norica Wien), part of the Österreichische Cartellverband (ÖCV) fraternities. Lueger established his own lawyer’s office in Vienna in 1874 and soon became known as a “little people’s” („kleinen Leute“) advocate. Lueger’s early political life was associated with the German National Party and his concern lay with ethnic German tradesmen, who saw the Jewish competition undermining their already precarious situation. In 1875 Lueger was elected as a deputy of Vienna’s City Council (Gemeinderat). He was a member from 1875 to 1876 and from 1878 to 1910. In 1885 he was elected to the lower house (Abgeordnetenhaus) of the Austrian Imperial Parliament (Reichsrat), representig the Fifth District of Vienna, and was returned in the 1891 election. From 1890 he was also a member of the Lower Austria parliament (Landtag). After the 1895 elections for the Vienna Gemeinderat the Christian Socialists took political power from the ruling Liberals with two thirds of the seats and subsequently helped Lueger win the mayoralty. He was a zealous Catholic, and wished to “capture the university” for the Church. He would have neither Social Democrats nor Jews in the municipal administration. He secured good treatment for Czech migrants. In his incumbency, Lueger is credited with the extension of the public water supply by its second main aquifer (Hochquellwasserleitung), which provides tap water of mineral water quality to large parts of the city. He also pursued the municipalization of gas and electricity works as well as the establishment of a public transport system introducing streetcars, and numerous institutions of social welfare, most of which strongly relied on debt financing. He incorporated the suburbs, and built parks and gardens, and hospitals and schools. Der schöne Karl (“handsome Karl”) achieved tremendous popularity among the citizens and a significant part of the infrastructure and organisations that are responsible for the high standard of living in the contemporary city were created during his terms of office. Lueger referred to himself as an admirer of Edouard Drumont, who founded the Antisemitic League of France in 1889. Lueger served as mayor of Vienna until his early death from in 1910. Hundreds of thousands of Austrians, including Adolf Hitler, participated in his funeral. He was buried in the crypt of the newly erected St Charles Borromeo Church at the Zentralfriedhof (the so called Dr. Karl Lueger Memorial Church), whose ground-breaking ceremony he performed.
Hitler wrote about Lueger:
“At all events, these occasions slowly made me acquainted with the man and the movement, which in those days guided Vienna’s destinies: Dr. Karl Lueger I and the Christian Social Party. When I arrived in Vienna, I was hostile to both of them. The man and the movement seemed ‘reactionary’ in my eyes. My common sense of justice, however, forced me to change this judgment in proportion as I had occasion to become acquainted with the man and his work; and slowly my fair judgment turned to unconcealed admiration. Today, more than ever, I regard this man as the greatest German mayor of all times” Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf, page 54-65

Henry Hyndman

AZL flag holder TransparentHenry Mayers Hyndman (7th March 1842–20th November 1921) was a British politician, author and social activist best known as the founder of the Social Democratic Federation and the National Socialist Party. Born in England to a family of Ulster-Scots ancestry after achieving his degree in 1865 he studied law for two years before deciding to become a journalist. In 1866 Hyndman reported on the Italian war with Austria for the Pall Mall Gazette meeting the leaders of the Italian nationalist movement and was generally sympathetic to their cause. Hyndman toured the world in 1869 visiting the United States, Australia and several European countries. A staunch patriot he praised the merits of British imperialism as he continued to write for the Pall Mall Gazette.
Hyndman stood as an Independent for the constituency of St Marylebone in the 1880 General Election. Denounced as a Tory by William Ewart Gladstone, Hyndman got very little support from the electorate and, facing certain defeat, withdrew from the contest. Soon after the election he became attracted to socialism. Hyndman even had close personal contact with Marx and formed this impression “There can be no doubt whatever that his hatred of the system…was not only intellectual and philosophic but bitterly personal.” The Social Democratic Federation which Hyndman founded was the first significant socialist organisation in Britain and he was joined by the likes of William Morris. Hyndman was the editor of the party newspaper named Justice. Marx had no direct influence over Hyndman’s socialism yet in 1884 Jews coursed conflict in the party leading to splits. Hyndman continued to lead the remains of the SDF but in 1911 he set up the British Socialist Party (BSP) when it fused with a number of branches of the Independent Labour Party. However, after a further defeat in the 1916 leadership elections of the British Socialist Party Hyndman and his followers founded the National Socialist Party. Hyndman also supported small farmers, such as the Irish National Land League and a similar group in Great Britain and openly attacked the Jewish Rothschild banking family revealing their criminal hands (which he described as a “Jew clique” and “Semitic moneybags”) in conflicts such as the Anglo-Boer War.


“I am quite content to bear the reproach of chauvinism in regard to what I say about the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples. We have to base the first real socialistic combination upon the common interests and affinities of the great Celto-Teutonic peoples in America, in Australia, in these islands and possibly in Germany.” – Henry Hyndman


“It is high time that those who do not think that Beit, Barnato, Oppenheim, Rothschild and Co. ought to control the destinies of Englishmen at home and of their Empire abroad, should come together and speak their mind.” – Henry Hyndman


The Oppenheims and Bischoffheims, the Rothschilds, the Barings and the Lawson Levys, Baron de Worms and the Right Hon. J. G. Goschen – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, as some say – Sir George Elliot and Sir Julian Goldsmid, these are the main champions of the Egyptian War. This Semitic array and their bottle holders have made a fine thing of it.” – Henry Hyndman


Roger waters

Roger Waters is a MarxistGeorge Roger Waters (born 6th September 1943) is a AZL flag holder TransparentCommunist musician, singer, songwriter and composer. Born to Mary (née Whyte; 1913-2009) and Eric Fletcher Waters (1913-1944), in Great Bookham, Surrey, his father, the son of a coal miner and Labour Party activist, Roger Waters is a Marxistwas a schoolteacher, and a Communist Party member. In 1965, he co-founded the progressive rock band Pink Floyd and subsequently composed and recorded a series of politically charged and aggressive albums including The Wall. In fact the accompanying video to the featured single The Wall is cunningly interspersed with references to the Holocaust construct indicating Water’s Communist affiliation. The 1982 film based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album whose screenplay was written by Waters also features heavily politicised scenes that deliberately manifest the totalitarianism of Bolshevism but overlaid with fascist iconography. In October 2010 his ‘political activism’, a contrived performance for the press, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned Waters, saying that he had used “imagery long associated with stereotypes about Jews and money” and had “crossed the line into anti-Semitism” allowing Waters to show his veneration for his Jewish masters and affirm his advocacy for their global domination. In particular in his open letter to The Independent he stated that the artwork used during his shows was representative of religious and national and commercial interests, all of which have a malign influence on our lives and prevent us from treating each other decently”, exquisitely representing the rhetoric of the politically correct Global Jewish Zionists destroying race and culture.