Marxist Labeling

AZL flag holder TransparentAnti-Racist is a code word  for Anti-WhiteJewish Zionism has a knack for producing words and situations that close people and communities down, racism is just one but their most infamous are anti-Semitism and Holocaust. This is a trap that the White race continually falls into. The fallacy of Marxist labeling is that they require one to deny that which does not exist. This only buys in to the enemy’s overarching paradigm. The simplest example is ‘atheism’. It was ascribed by the theist-God believer to the none-believer. As such for the none-believer to describe himself as an atheist means that at some level he must believe that a god exists not to believe in! Therefore, to label oneself an ‘anti-racist’ presupposes that racism exists the same goes for Holocaust denial. A further element of Jewish Zio-Marxist psychological trickery is used in their ability to re-label sexual depravity; Homosexuality in reality sodomy, Zoophilia being bestiality and Paedophilia child rape.

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