Magnus Hirschfeld

AZL flag holder TransparentMagnus HirschfeldMagnus Hirschfeld (14 May 1868 – 14 May 1935) was a Jewish homosexual physician and pursued the Pseudo-science of ‘sexology’. In 1896 Hirschfeld issued a pamphlet Sappho and Socrates, on homosexuality (under the pseudonym Th. Ramien) and by 1897 had founded the Scientific Humanitarian Committee defending homosexuality and aiming to repeal Paragraph 175, the section of the German penal code that criminalized sodomy. Hirschfeld is also responsible for corrupting the notion of the natural biological sexual identity of male and female. He developed an artificial system which categorised 64 possible types of sexual intermediary ranging from masculine heterosexual male to feminine homosexual male, including those he described under the word he coined “Transvestit” (transvestite), which covered people who today would include a variety of transgender and transsexual people. Hirschfeld also campaigned for the decriminalization of abortion. In 1930 Hirschfeld performed the first genital mutilation surgery in Berlin by cutting off the testicles of a sexually functioning male. Further butchery and depraved experimentation lead to the death of the patient. Amongst other distorted Jewish perversion his material was burned by the National Socialists in 1933.

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