Bruno Baum

AZL flag holder TransparentBruno Baum (13th February 1910 in Berlin; 13th December 1971 in Potsdam) was a Jewish communist and member of KPD. Baum was the son of a Jewish tailor and from 1916 to 1924 attended a Jewish boys’ school in Berlin.  He entered the Communist Youth Association of Germany (KJVD) the red youth front in 1926 and by 1927 was a member of the KPD the German Communist Party.  In 1929 he became a member of the Red Front Fighters’ League (RFB) and sub-district head and district leader of the Red Youth Front Berlin-Brandenburg. From the end of 1934, Baum attended the International Lenin School in Moscow. Imprisoned repeatedly for Communist agitation and membership of militant organizations in Germany on December 4th, 1935 Baum was arrested a final time and in June 1937 sentenced to 13 years, the charge “preparation for high treason”. From 1937 to 1943 Baum was imprisoned at Brandenburg-Gorden but was then transferred to Auschwitz. In Auschwitz Baum worked with other Jews, Communists and the partisan underground editing propaganda messages which were then filtered into Western Europe. One of the main instigators of the big lie in his 1949 book “resistance in Auschwitz”, Baum wrote: “I believe it is no exaggeration if I say that the biggest part of Auschwitz propaganda, which was spread in the world around that time, has been written by us in the camp.”

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