AZL flag holder TransparentEuropean Gene PoolImmigration is the word used by Jewish politicians and race traitors to conceal the ethnic cleansing of Europe while the ‘immigration debate’ is a facade deliberately manufactured to evade the crucial questions. The most plain and glaring being how does one defend the importation of Third World coloured’s into only White lands? That the Marxist simply does not have a defensible argument means that the ‘immigration debate’ descends into absurdity and the Marxists only recourse the flaccid groan of ‘racism’. Consequently the only conclusion is that immigration is the genocide of the White race. This is achieved through the displacement and miscegenation (race mixing) of the indigenous White ethnic European population with imported colored nations. The same strategy of racial and ethnic displacement was practiced by Jewish Bolshevism following the seizure of Russia in 1917. By way of forced labour camps Jewish Bolshevism removed many eligible white males, then purposely divided up the mongoloid races from Asian parts of the ‘soviet’ construct and transplanted them across Eastern Europe thus artificially mixing the racial distribution and forcing miscegenation. This is virtually an exact reflection of the current situation across Europe only differing in that the physical removal of the white male has been replaced with propaganda disputing white man’s masculinity. In general this will invariably repel white woman and direct them towards promoted coloured imports.

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