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Leon Trotsky invented the word Racist

Leon Trotsky invented the word Racist

The word ‘racist’ was invented in 1927 by the Jewish Bolshevik butcher Leon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein. This pseudo-scientific expression is a deflective term meant to place the enemy on the defence removing the possibility of constructive debate necessarily because the Bolshevik/Communist/Marxist does not have one. Shout racistThe truth is no argument can defend the purposeful displacement and miscegenation of Europe through the importation of alien (non-indigenous) races and never could. Nevertheless, Jewish Zionism has a knack for producing memes that close people and communities down, racism is one and it is a trap that the White race continually falls into.


The first ‘earth embodiment’ of these spirits took place in a Polar body or Hyperborean race. From there in came the dramatic involutionary story of the mixture of the pure race with the original earthly beings and then came the Aryans, which means ‘twice born’; that is, those who try to recover the purity of the ‘first born’. This is the true meaning of racism. – Miguel Serrano

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