AZL flag holder TransparentIf you repeat a lie it becomes IsraelIt's Not There!‘Israel’ is the name given to the central Jewish terrorist organization operating on Jewish occupied sovereign Palestinian land. It was founded unlawfully in 1948 by the United Nations council, a global Jewish Zionist operation that facilitates international Jewish ‘intervention’. Almost every Jewish occupied White Western government supported and still supports this What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?criminal endeavour-USA, France, Russia, Italy, Spain. It is critical to appreciate that while Jews and criminals (UN) recognise the theft of Palestine as a Jewish ‘state’ it does not make it so. The reality is that the world has become complicate in another Jewish act of criminality. This is exactly the same as the events of 1917 when Jewish Bolsheviks seized the European land of Russia and enforced upon it the Jewish ideology of Communism.

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