AZL flag holder TransparentMossadOnly a recent nomenclature the organization now known as Mossad has existed as part of the Judaic infrastructure long prior to 1948. Whispered about as the Jewish ‘hidden hand’ since many ex-KGB headed for sanctuary in Jewish occupied Palestine Mossad is the new incarnation. Meant to be the intelligence gathering agency of the Jewish terrorist organization known as Israel, Mossad is responsible for false flags like the attack on the SS Patria (November 25th 1940), the bombing of the King David Hotel (July 22nd 1946), the attack on the USS liberty (June 8th 1967) and the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Coinciding with the 70 year Jewish Holocaust construct, it has also come to light that the ‘night of broken glass’ was engineered by this organisation under one of its previous guises-Cheka, KGB, a fact that Dr Goebbels was already suspicious of at the time.

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