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Zionist DemocracyDemocracy has always been provided credibility by its ascription to the Athenians of ancient Greece. Yet the ancient Greeks limited political participation to a racial and social elite and even then corruption was still manifest. Greece was not at her greatest under Democratic rule. Current mass democracy is predicated on the notion of one man one vote meaning in a homogenous society alone the most gifted and intelligent would be vastly outnumbered by mediocre minds. Add to this the number of coloured races that have continue to flood Europe since 1945 and the small percentage of wise and knowledgeable do not stand a chance.
democracy-is-now-currently-defined-in-europe-as-a-country-run-by-jewsEasily manipulated this lowest common denominator has been subjected to decades of media subversion by the alien Jewish occupier. The continued barrage of propaganda expounds that a government is good or bad precisely to the degree that it is or is not democratic thus promoting war on Jewish enemies in the Middle East. The mass will vote at their expense and in the interest of the Jew who imports ‘war refugees’ into Europe to vote against the indigenous European. Democracy and the ballot box is a vicious closed system rigged by an alien tribe that corrupts and perverts Europeans before they completely annihilate. Only when the Jewish occupier is removed will European interests be served again.

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