Daniel Bell

AZL flag holder TransparentDaniel Bell (May 10th, 1919 – January 25th, 2011) was a Jewish sociologist, writer, editor, and professor emeritus at Harvard University, best known for his contributions to the study of post-industrialism. Daniel Bell was born in 1919 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City to Jewish immigrants Benjamin and Anna Bolotsky from Eastern Europe. When he was 13 years old, the family changed its name from Bolotsky to Bell. Bell began his professional life as a journalist, being managing editor of The New Leader magazine (1941–1945), labour editor of Fortune (1948–1958) and later co-editor (with Irving Kristol) of The Public Interest magazine (1965–1973). Bell outlined a new kind of society – the post-industrial society. He argued that post-industrialism would be information-led and service-oriented. Bell also argued that the post-industrial society would replace the industrial society as the dominant system providing an ‘excuse’ for the active global deindustrialisation of industrial nations.

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