Nahum Goldmann

AZL flag holder Transparent Nahum Goldmann  (July 10, 1895 – August 29, 1982) was a leading Zionist and the founder and long-time president of the World Jewish Congress from 1948 to 1977. Goldmann was born in Vishnevo, Russian Empire (now Višnieva, Belarus). He was the son of a teaching and writing Jewish family, whose father was an ardent Zionist. At the age of six, he moved with his parents to Frankfurt, Germany, where his father entertained leading Zionists. In 1911, while still in high school, he and his father attended the Tenth Zionist Congress. In 1936, Goldmann and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise established the World Jewish Congress (WJC). In 1918 Goldmann attempted to enlist Kaiser Wilhelm’s support for the Zionist ideal and by 1922 he was involved in publishing a Zionist periodical. Goldmann was exposed as a communist agent by the NSDAP in 1923.

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