The Young Turks

AZL flag holder TransparentThe Young Turks movement was one of the first real threats to the Ottoman Throne. A hard-core, conspiratorial group formed in 1889 among the students of the Military Medical School in Constantinople. The Donmè had disproportionate power and influence (in light of their number) on both the Ottoman Empire and on the Young Turks the later Armenian genocide 2who perpetrated the Armenian genocide. Meaning ‘convert’ in Turkish, the Donmè was a Hebrew heresy whose followers ‘converted’ to Islam in the 18th century. According to the Great Hellenic Encyclopedia [Megali Elliniki Enkiklopethia]: “It is generally accepted that the Donmè secretly continue to adhere to the Hebrew religion and don’t allow their kind to intermarry with the Muslims.” Armenian genocideIn his book, The Rise of Nationality in the Balkans the eminent British historian, R. Seton Watson, wrote “The real brains behind the [Itihàt] movement were Jews… The wealthy Donmè and Jews of Thessaloniki supported [the Young Turks] economically, and their fellow Jewish capitalists in Vienna and Berlin — as well as in Budapest and possibly Paris and London — supported them financially as well. In the January 23rd, 1914, issue of the Czarist Police [Okrana] Ledger (Number 16609), directed to the Ministry of the Exterior in Saint Petersburg, we read: “A pan-Islamic convention of Itihàts and Jews was held in the Nouri Osman lodge in Constantinople. It was attended by approximately 700 prominent Itihàts and Jews, including “Minister” Talaàt Bey, Bentri Bey, Mbekri Bey, and (Donmè) Javit Bey. Among the many Jews in attendance, two of the most prominent were the Head of the Security Service, Samouel Effendi, and the Vice-Administrator of the Police, Abraham Bey.”

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