Angela Merkel

AZL flag holder TransparentAngela Merkel CommunistBorn Angela Dorothea Kasner on 17 July 1954, her father, Horst Kasner was a Communist sympathiser and mother, Herlind Jentzsch, a Communist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Merkel was educated in East Germany and leader of the official, Communist-led youth movement Free German Youth (FDJ) at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin from 1978 until 1989 thus well-schooled in Jewish Bolsheviks Marx, Lenin and Trotsky (Lev Bronstein)The Zionist BUTCHERS Behind Communism. Speaking fluent Russian and well informed about the Perestroika Deception a recent biography of Merkel shows that she was “a supreme and very visible Young Communist official in East Germany, responsible for propaganda and agitation.” Indeed it even quotes Merkel saying “If we reform the GDR, it won’t be in terms of the Federal Republic” like foretelling the planned insurgence of political correctness into the West. Beyond leading the Young Communist League, Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (SED), which was the leading MarxistLeninist party of East Germany. Members of this party enjoyed ‘special privileges’ denied to ethnic Germans in East Germany after WWII. For example only closely trusted members of the Communist party (SED) were allowed to travel to western countries and Merkel often travelled to West Germany and other Western Nations. Merkel has visited The Jewish terrorist organization know as Israel four times. On 16 March 2008, she arrived in terrorist Israel to mark the 60th anniversary of its occupation of Palestinian land. Merkel has supported all Jewish Israeli terror initiatives and Nude Merkelopposed the Palestinian bid for membership at the UN. In March of 2008 the Jewish B’nai B’rith organization presented Merkel with their Award of Merit for ‘services’ to their community. Angela Merkel disgusted by the German flagShe received the Coudenhove-Kalergi award only 2 years later in 2010. The prize is given every two years for exceptional contributions to the European miscegenation process and is named for the Hebrew speaking mixed race Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi. Known as the ‘father of the European Union’ the Jewish B’nai B’rith was his original financial support.  Devoted to the insertion of Jewry into German history the Leo Baeck Institute of New York City has also presented Merkel with the Leo Baeck Merkel…The Perestroika DeceptionMedal. It is interesting to note that while Merkel finds it “especially sad that some commentators seem to have lost any inhibitions in telling the Jewish community what is good for them”. She never commented on the eternal lack of inhibition the Jewish Community has for letting Germany and the rest of Europe know what they think is good for them.  In 2009 on the 70th anniversary of the incursion into Poland Merkel publicly apologized and blamed Germany alone for starting WWII conveniently ignoring well Boycott German_goodsdocumented Jewish aggression established through the blockade of German goods.  This openly displayed at a particularly vulnerable time for the German people who were recovering from the Depression and was thus calculated to shatter German recovery and destroy hope in the new leadership.

Is Angela Merkel Jewish? …….. You decide!

Jewish Personal Names: Their Origins, Derivation and Diminutive Forms 
by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr z”l; edited by Chaim Freedman

List of Names in Book

Abba, Abbale, Abbele, Abish, Abrasha, Abrashe, Abrashka, Abrashke, Abush, Aharon, Aizik, Aizikel, Aizikman, Aizlin, Aizman, Aleksander, Aleksender, Aliksender, Alter, Altir, Altmann, Anschel, Anschil, Anselm, Anshel, Anshil, Anzel, Anzil, Arel, Arel, Arele, Ari’, Arik Artze, Arke, Arke, Aron, Artzi, Arush, Arushka, Arushke, Aryeh, Asher, Asher’l, Asherel, Avraham, Avram, Avrel, Avremel, Avremele, Avremka, Avremke, Avril, Avrom, Barukh, Beinis, Beinish, Beinush, Beirakh, Beirekh, Beirikh, Benchel, Benchil, Bendet, Bendet’l, Bendit, Bentche, Bentze, Bentzel, Bentzil, Bentzion, Benyamin, Benyomin, Ber, Bere, Berek, Berekhiah, Berel, Berele, Berelein, Berelin, Berik, Berish, Berke, Berko, Berlein, Berlin, Berman, Berush, Betzalel, Binem, Binim, Binis, Birakh, Birekh, Bonem, Bonim, Borukh, Bunem, Bunim, Cule, Culi, Dan, Dan’l, Dani, Daniel, David, Denel, Devel, Devvil, Didya, Didye, Dov, Dover, Dovid, Dovid’l, Dovidka, Dovidke, Duber, Efraiyim, Efroika, Efroike, Efroimel, Efroimka, Efroimke, Efrom, Einikh, Eiver, Eiverman, Eivril, Eivril, Elkhanan, Elazar, Eli, Eliezer, Elik, Elimelekh, Elinka, Elinke, Eliyahu, Eliyohu, Elkhonon, Elozer, Elozor, Elya, Elyakim, Elyakum, Elye, Elyokim, Elyokum, Emanuel, Enikh, Enzel, Enzil, Enzlin, Esriel, Evril, Ezriel, Feish, Feishel, Feishil, Feitel, Feivel, Feivil, Feivish, Feivul, Fish, Fishel, Fishil, Fol, Folk, Folka, Folke, Folle, Follik, Froim, Froimel, Froimka, Froimke, Gershel, Getz, Getzel, Godel, Godil, Godul, Goetz, Gotsch, Gotsh’l, Gotthelf, Gottlieb, Gottschalk, Gulka, Gulke, Gulko, Heiman, Heinikh, Heishe, Heishek, Heishel, Heishik, Hendil, Hendl, Henel, Henikh, Henli, Henzel, Henzil, Hersch, Herschel, Herschil, Hertz, Hertzel, Hertzke, Hertzl, Heshe, Heshel, Heshke, Hess,  Hessel, Hessil, Heyman, Hezkel, Hirsch, Hirschel, Hirtz, Hiz, Khacze, Khai, Khaikel, Khaiman, Khanan, Khanan, Khanokh, Khaskel, Khatzkel,Khayyim, Khayyiman, Khayyimel, Khayyimka, Khayyimke, Kheikel, Kheskel, Khiel, Khizkiyahu, Khizkiyohu, Khona, Khona, Khone, Khone, Khoni, Khoni, Khonon, Khonon, Icze, Iddel, Ikh’l Mikh’l, Ikhal Mikhal, Ikhel, Ikhil, Isokhar, Isokhor, Isser, Isserel, Isserlein, Isserlin, Isserlis, Itzel, Itzik, Kalman, Kalmenka, Kalmenke, Kalonymus, Kashman, Kerpel, Kooni, Koppel, Koppil, Koppul, Koshman, Kosman, Kovel, Kovi, Kozel, Kozman, Kuba, Kube, Kule, Kuli, Kuna, Kune, Kuni, Kunya, Kunye, Kuvel, Lam, Lamlin, Leib, Leibel, Leibele, Leibish, Leibush, Leima, Leiman, Leizer, Leizerel, Leizerke, Leizir, Leme, Lemekhel, Lemekhil, Lemel, Lemke, Lemken, Lemki, Lemkin, Lemla, Lemle, Lemlein, Lemlin, Lemoel, Lemuel, Lev, Levke, Liber, Liber’l, Liberman, Lieber, Lieberman, Liebman, Lima, Liman, Lipka, Lipke, Lipman, Lippa, Lippe, Lippman, Lippmann, Lozer, Lozir, Lozor, Maharam, Mairem, Manish, Mann, Mannele, Mannes, Mannis, Mannkhen, Manuel, Manya, Maram, Marem, Marim, Marum, Meilekh, Meilikh, Meir, Meiram, Meirel, Meiril, Meirke, Meisha, Meishe, Meishel, Meishil, Melekh, Melikh, Menakhem, Menashe, Mendel, Mendil, Mendl, Meni, Menka, Menke, Menkhin, Menni, Meshel, Meshil, Meshulam, Mikhael, Mikhal, Mikhlin, Mikhoel, Moddel, Moishe, Monash, Monel, Moni, Monish, Monnis, Monoil, Monya, Monye, Mordekhai, Mordel, Mordush, Morkel, Morkil, Morkl, Moshe, Moshka, Moshke, Motka, Motke, Motta, Motte, Mottel, Mulik, Mulka, Mulke, Munczia, Naftali, Naftoli, Naftoli Hertz, Nasanel, Natan, Natanel, Natty, Nossel, Nosson, Nosson Notta, Nosson Notte, Notinka, Notinke, Notka, Notke, Notta, Notte, Nottel, Nottele, Orcze, Ore, Orel, Oren, Orke, Orlik, Orush, Osher, Osher’l, Osherel, Pinhas, Pinhas’l, Pinna, Pinne, Pinnel, Pinya, Pinye, Rafael, Sander, Sandor, Sandush, Sanel, Sanne, Sekel, Sender, Sender’l, Sendush, Sha’oil, Sha’ul, Shabsel, Shabsi, Shabsil, Shabtai, Shabtel, Shabtil, Shaika, Shaike, Shaiya, Shakhna, Shakhne, Shalom, Shalom, Shalom Shakhna, Shaptaiyah, Shebtel, Shebtil, Sheima, Sheime, Shekhna, Shekhne, Shepsel, Shepsil, Shept’l, Sheptel, Sheptel, Sheptil, Sheptil, Shil’m, Shimon, Shimonel, Shimonka, Shimonke, Shlemiel, Shloimah, Shlomel, Shlomiel, Shlomka, Shlomke, Shlomoh, Shlomoh Zalman, Shlumiel, Shmaryah, Shmaryahu, Shmelka, Shmelke, Shmer’l, Shmerel, Shmeril, Shmerlein, Shmerlin, Shmuel, Shmulik, Shmulka, Shmulke, Shnaiya, Shnaiye, Shnei’or, Shnei’or Zalman, Shnei’ur Zalman, Shner, Shoi’el, Shoi’l, Sholikeh, Sholom, Sholom, Sholom Shakhna, Shraga Feivush, Shulam, Shulman, Shulom, Sinai, Sinaiya, Sinaiye, Srol, Sroli, Srolik, Srolka, Srolke, Srul, Sruli, Srulik, Srulka, Srulke, Tev, Teve, Tevel, Tevel, Tevele, Tevele, Tevil, Tevil, Tevya, Tevye, Theodoros, Todras, Todres, Todris, Todros, Tolli, Tuvyah, Tzale, Tzalel, Tzalka, Tzalke, Tzvi, Ulli, Ure, Urele, Uri, Veibish, Veibush, Veish’l, Velka, Velke, Velvel, Velvele, Vidal, Vish’l, Vital, Volf, Volvel, Vulf, Wolf, Wulf, Yakov, Yankel, Yankele, Yedidiah, Yedidyah, Yehezkiel, Yehoishua, Yehoshua, Yehoshua Folk, Yehuda, Yehudah , Yehudah Leib, Yehudah Yudel, Yekhiel, Yekel, Yekil, Yekusiel, Yekutiel, Yeshaiya, Yeshaiyahu, Yeshaiyohu, Yessel, Yessil, Yiddel, Yisakhar, Yisokhar, Yisokhor, Yisokhor Ber, Yisrael, Yisroel, Yisrol, Yitzhak, Yitzhok, Yokhanan, Yokhanon, Yokel, Yoki, Yokil, Yokim, Yokum, Yokhonon, Yosef, Yosef Yoske, Yoshka, Yoshke, Yoska, Yoske, Yossel, Yozpa, Yozpe, Yuda, Yude, Yudel, Yutka, Yutke, Yuzpa, Yuzpe, Zale, Zalel, Zalka, Zalke, Zalman, Zalmanka, Zalmanke, Zalmina, Zaman’l, Zanvil, Zavel, Zavil, Zeev, Zeev Wolf, Zeida, Zeide, Zeidel, Zeidil, Zeidl, Zekel, Zelig, Zeligman, Zelikman, Zelle, Zelman, Zelmen, Zelmina, Zimmel, Zimmil, Zimmul, Zissa, Zisse, Zissel, Zundel, Zundil, Zundul, Zusha, Zushe, Zushel, Zushia, Zushie, Zussa, Zusse, Zussia, Zussie, Zussman


Adel, Adela, Adinah, Alta, Alte, Amalya, Amalye, Amelia, Asna, Asnas, Asnat, Asne, Asnes, Avigaiyil, Avigal, Avigali, Barka, Basel, Basha, Bashala, Bashale, Basharel, Bashe, Basya, Basye, Batka, Batke, Batyah, Beila, Beilah, Beile, Beilka, Beilke, Besel, Beserel, Bilah, Bileh, Bilhah, Billa, Bille, Bina, Bineh, Blima, Blime, Blimel, Bluma, Blumeh, Blumel, Blumka, Blumke, Boba, Bobala, Bobale, Bobe, Bobela, Bobele, Bobinczka, Bobinczke, Bodana, Bodane, Bodhana, Bodhane, Bodna, Bodne, Bodnia, Bodnie, Breina, Breindel, Breindil, Breine, Broina, Broindel, Broindil, Broine, Bruna, Brundel, Brundil, Brune, Bubuna, Buna, Bunah, Bunalah, Bunale, Bunczeka, Bunczeke, Bundel, Buneh, Bunina, Buninne, Bunya, Bunye, Czarna, Czarne, Czarni, Devorah, Doba, Dobah, Dobe, Dobka, Dobke, Dobra, Dobreh, Dobril, Dobrish, Dobrush, Dobrusha, Dreiza, Dreize, Dreizel, Dreizil, Drezel, Drezil, Drozha, Drozhe, Drozna, Drozne, Dveira, Dveire, Dvoira, Dvoirale, Dvoire, Dvoirel, Dvoirele, Dvoirka, Dvoirke, Dvosha, Dvoshe, Dvoshel, Dvoshka, Dvoshke, Ednah, Eida, Eide, Eidel, Eidela, Eidele, Eidil, Eidul, Elka, Elke, Ella, Elleh, Ellush, Emeline, Eshka, Eshke, Eska, Eska, Eske, Eske, Essa, Esse, Ester, Esterel, Esteril, Estrina, Etka, Etke, Etta, Ette, Ettel, Ettil, Feiga, Feige, Feigel, Feigele, Feigil, Feiglin, Foigel, Foiglin, Frada, Frade, Fradel, Fradil, Fradka, Fradke, Freida, Freide, Freidel, Freidil, Freidka, Freidke, Frieda, Friede, Friedel, Friedil, Friedka, Friedke, Froma, Fromme, Frommel, Frommet, Frommetel, Fruma, Frumka, Frumke, Frumme, Frummel, Frummet, Frummetel, Galleh, Galyah, Gedalyah, Gellah, Gelleh, Genana, Genaneh, Genena, Genendel, Genendil, Genenneh, Gentelle, Gentila, Gentille, Ginesha, Gineshe, Gisha, Gishe, Gissa, Gisse, Gissel, Gissela, Gissele, Gitta, Gitte, Gittel, Gittil, Gizza, Gizze, Glick, Glikel, Gliklen, Gluck, Glueck, Glukel, Glukil, Golda, Goldeh, Goldeleh, Goldinchke, Grina, Grineh, Gruna, Grune, Grunia, Grunie, Gutta, Gutte, Guttel, Guttil, Hadas, Hadassah, Hades, Hallah, Halleh, Hana, Hasha, Hasheh, Haska, Haskeh, Hassia, Hassieh, Hellah, Hendel, Hendil, Henna, Henne, Henya, Henye, Hinda, Hinde, Hindel, Hindil, Hoda, Hodas, Hoddeh, Hodel, Hodes, Hodiah, Hodil, Khaiyah Henne, Khaiyala, Khaiyalle, Khaiyenna, Khaiyenneh, Khaiyetta, Khaiyetteh, Khaiyyah, Khaiyyah Esther, Khanala, Khanalle, Khancze, Khanela, Khanelle, Khaniczka, Khaniczke, Khanna, Khannah, Khanne, Khavah, Khaval, Khavala, Khavaleh, Khaveh, Khavel, Khavela, Khaveleh. Khavka, Khavke, Kheika, Kheikalle, Kheike, Kheikelle, Helleh, Hendel, Idit, Igla, Igle, Ilka, Ilke, Illa, Illush, Iska, Iske, Itka, Itka, Itke, Itke, Itta, Itta, Itte, Itte, Jonah, Kassia, Kassie, Katzia, Katzie, Keika, Keike, Keikela, Keikelle, Keila, Keile, Ketziah, Khassia, Khassie, Kuna, Kune, Kunya, Kunye, Lei’l, Leiah, Leiale, Leicza, Leicze, Leika, Leike, Leitza, Leitze, Leiyinka, Leiyinke, Liba, Libbe, Libbel, Liberel, Liberil, Lieba, Liebe, Liebel, Lifsha, Lifshe, Livsha, Livshe, Luba, Makhla, Makhle, Makhlah, Makhle, Malkah, Malkala, Malkale, Malkela, Malkele, Malya, Malye, Margola, Margolah, Margoleh, Margolis, Margolit, Margoliyah, Mariyam, Mariyasha, Mariyashe, Mariyashel, Mariyashil, Mariyashka, Mariyashke, Masha, Mashah, Mashe, Masheh, Mata, Matel, Matela, Mateleh, Matil, Matilda, Matrona, Matte, Mazal, Meidlin, Meita, Meite, Menia, Menie, Menukhah, Merel, Merele, Merka, Merke, Merkel, Meshka, Meshke, Mina, Mindel, Mindil, Mindul, Minka, Minke, Minneh, Mira, Mireh, Mirel, Mirela, Mirele, Miriam, Miriam Rachelle, Mirka, Mirke, Muna, Mune, Munia, Munie, Mushka, Mushke, Muska, Muskat, Muskatel, Muske, Nahalah, Nakha, Nakhe, Nakhla, Nakhle, Nakhli, Nekhamah, Nehamel, Nehamka, Nehamke, Nehomah, Nekha, Nekhe, Nekhel, Nina, Ninneh, Ogla, Ogle, Oglin, Ogush, Ogushe, Osnas, Pai’ah, Pai’eh, Paika, Paike, Pasha, Pashe, Pei’ah, Pei’al, Pei’ale, Pei’eh, Pei’el, Pei’ele, Peninah, Perel, Perele, Perril, Pesa, Pese, Pesha, Peshe, Peshya, Peshye, Pesya, Pesye, Puah, Rakhel, Rasha, Rashe, Rashel, Rashi, Rashil, Rashka, Rashke, Rasi, Rasia, Rasie, Raska, Raske, Reddel, Reikhil, Reitza, Reitze, Reitzel, Reiyelina, Reiza, Reizeh, Reizel, Reizil, Rekel, Rekha, Rekhe, Rela, Releh, Relin, Rikel, Rikla, Rikle, Risha, Rishe, Ritl, Ritla, Ritleh, Rittel, Riva, Rivah, Riveh, Rivel, Rivkah, Rivke, Rivkela, Rivkele, Rivlin, Rizil, Roda, Rodde, Rodel, Rodka, Rodke, Rokhel, Roiza, Roizeh, Rokha, Rokhale, Rokhe, Rokhele, Rokhlin, Rossa, Rosseh, Roza, Rozeh, Rus, Rushka, Rushke, Rut, Ruth, Rutl, Rutul, Sabatka, Sabatke, Sabatki, Sabta, Salida, Sarah, Serrel, Serril, Sheina, Sheindel, Sheindele, Sheindil, Sheine, Shosha, Shoshanah, Shoshe, Shoshel, Shoshka, Shoshke, Shprintza, Shprintzak, Shprintze, Shprintzel, Shprintzik, Shula, Shulamis, Shulamit, Shuleh, Shulka, Shulke, Shushanah, Sima, Simhah, Simka, Simkeh, Simmeh, Sirka, Sirke, Sirki, Sirrel, Sirril, Sitta, Sitte, Sittel, Sittil, Sob’l, Soba, Sobel, Sol, Sorah, Sorka, Sorke, Sorkel, Sorkil, Sorrel, Sorril, Sterel, Sterlein, Sterlin, Sterna, Sterne, Sul, Sultana, Tamar, Tamarah, Tamarka, Tamarke, Te’bil, Tehillah, Teib’l, Teib’l, Teiba, Teiba, Teibe, Teibe, Teibel, Teibel, Teibil, Temel, Temer, Temerel, Temeril, Temka, Temke, Temma, Temmeh, Tikvah, Tilka, Tilkeh, Tilla, Tilleh, Tirtzah, Tirtze, Tirtzel, Toiba, Toiba, Toibe, Toibe, Tovah, Tovel, Treina, Treindel, Treine, Trina, Trinne, Tzarina, Tzarine, Tzarna, Tzarne, Tzeitlin, Tzeitta, Tzeitte, Tzeittel, Tzeittil, Tzipka, Tzipke, Tzippa, Tzippe, Tzipporah, Tzira, Tzireh, Tzirel, Tzirele, Tziril, Tzirka, Tzirke, Tzitta, Tzitte, Tzittel, Tzittil, Tziviah, Tzviah, Veira, Veire, Vera, Yaffah, Yaffeh, Yakhe, Yakhna, Yakhne, Yehudis, Yehudit, Yeina, Yeine, Yeino, Yenta, Yente, Yentel, Yenteleh, Yentileh, Yentlin, Yiskah, Yiskoh, Yitta, Yitte, Yittel, Yokhanah, Yoina, Yoine, Yoino, Yokha, Yokhe, Yokheved, Yonah, Yudit, Yudit’l, Yutta, Yutte, Yuttel, Yuttele, Zelda, Zelde, Zissa, Zisse, Zissel, Zissil, Zlota, Zlotte


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