Barack Obama

AZL flag holder TransparentObama Meets With His Jewish Half BrotherThe former US President Barack Obama presents European America with a number of problems. His American citizenship alone has been brought into question and the production of his original birth certificate has never surfaced. However, this is of little concern to Nationalists who know state should be confined to race not assigned to Obama in Yamakaguests privileged with citizenship. Much indicates Obama having a Jewish background, particularly the emergence of a Black, Jewish sibling sharing Obama’s father, though let us not forget Jewish authenticity runs though the maternal line. Yet so called nationalists insist on calling the president Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama deflecting with Islamic reference. It is not for us to assert that Obama is Jewish we leave this one down to the reader, but it is a coincidence that the black ‘half’ brother insists that he is Jewish. This would make a rather ‘interesting’ choice of second wife for a so called Rabbi Capers FunnyeMuslim don’t you think. Also curious is that the cousin of Obama’s wife Michelle is to serve as the first ‘black chief rabbi’. A statement from the International Israelite Board of Rabbis declared that Rabbi Capers Funnye would serve as the “titular head of a worldwide community of Black Jews.”
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