Manny Shinwell, (Baron Shinwell)

AZL flag holder TransparentEmanuel (Manny) Shinwell, Baron Shinwell CH, PC (18 October 1884 – 8 May 1986) was a Jewish trade union official, one of the leading figures of Red Clydeside the era of political radicalism (Communism) that characterised the city of Glasgow in Scotland from the 1910s until roughly the early 1930s and the Labour politician at the heart of Clement Attlee’s cabinet. Shinwell was born in Spitalfields, London, but his family moved to Glasgow, Scotland. His father was a Jewish immigrant from Poland. An Independent Labour Party (ILP) member Shinwell returned to the Commons in 1935 to campaign vigorously for Britain to support the Popular Front government in Spain against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. In November 1947, following the kidnap and brutal murder of 2 British soldiers by Jewish terrorist group Irgun, it was discovered that Shinwell was passing information to this Jewish terrorist group; this lead directly to the bombing of the King David Hotel in which 91 people were murdered including 28 Britons. Shinwell is the great uncle of Luciana Berger.
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