AZL flag holder TransparenteugenicsEugenics Selective breeding was suggested at least as far back as Plato. He recorded these ideals in The Republic: “The best men must have intercourse with the best women as frequently as possible, and the opposite is true of the very inferior.” Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of racial hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. The word etymologically derives from the Greek word eus (good or well) and the suffix -genēs (born), and was coined by Sir Francis Galton in 1883. Though it is often used to refer to movements and social policies that were influential during the early 20th century, in a broader sense, eugenics is a study of improving racial genetic qualities. The goals of various groups advocating eugenics have been to create healthier, more intelligent people, to save state resources, and lessen human suffering. It is also critical to note that the tribe that has occupied and terrorised sovereign Palestinian people since 1948 has a eugenics program. Meanwhile, in the West most of the leading voices against eugenics are Jews. Indeed it is the Jews who are implementing a program of malgenics in the West (dumbing down). This should not be confused with dysgenics which is about tearing down and destroying the race.

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