Contrary to popular belief the Jew is not a pure race for as specified there are three basic races-the Caucasoid or White Race, the Mongoloid and Negroid or Black race. It claims to be ‘Semitic’, a variant admixtures of the core racial types-Caucasoid (White Race), the Mongoloid and Negroid (Black race). This has been the strategy the Jew has used to legitimise territorial claim to Palestinian land for over 3000 years. Nevertheless, while it is true that a people of variant ‘Semitic’ admixture existed in the area of Palestine for over 2000 years the Jewish declaration is absurd it is like the Celts ‘demanding’ England back from the Saxon after 15 hundred years of occupation. Yet this is indicative of Jewish methodology. As an itinerant tribe without anything of substance expropriation or theft of money, property or territory from the host population is the Jewish staple. Their nomadic existence has spread them across the globe with further dispersals instituting global communication between Jewish communities added through their own private languages, while propaganda conceals their criminality with cries of persecution.

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